41 thoughts on “Rev. Jesse Jackson: “What Sanders represents is not the left-wing, it’s the moral center.”

  1. Jesus, talk about being fashionably late to the party!

    I’ll take it though, because Biden just got a very emotional endorsment from a civil rights icon in SC, who talked about how his late wife, also a civil right icon, loved Biden.

    We need Jackson to say this on a major news channel now!

  2. Can people on the field in SC spread the news to black voters that Joe the fraud “I got arrested trying to visit Mandela” is NOT the one on the side of the black cause?

  3. Without knowing the details – where the words were delivered and to whom – it’s a little disappointing that Jackson and Sharpton would stand for what they do, but not actually provide a public endorsement.

    They know that carries weight. Of course, they know they’re going to be fine no matter what.

  4. Biden got James Clyburn today. His endorsement carried a lot of weight in SC for Hilary and Kerry. So good to see this and Al Sharpton’s comments, too!

  5. I don’t get what exactly Biden has accomplished or done that’s bettered the lives of African American people. Can anyone enlighten me?

  6. You would think that Bernie’s consistent civil rights message that he’s had since the 1960s would be enough for POC, but yet here we are today. Both Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are now coming forward to speak up for Bernie, but they should have piped up a bit sooner.

  7. Refreshing to hear the more “old school” leaders in the black community speak out on behalf of Sanders. He already has the support of the younger BLM leaders and celebrity/activists like Killer Mike, but recent words of support from Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton should help bolster his image and relieve some fears of older black voters

  8. The cool thing about Jesse Jackson is that he really did create an early version of the Bernie movement with the Rainbow Coalition. Oh and Bernie endorsed him when he ran in 1988.

  9. I’m honestly terrified about South Carolina. Biden seems to be up by 10 in the RCP average there. If he gets that big of a win, the media will push the narrative like crazy

  10. I wouldn’t expect this to change any minds in SC but it could sway people come Super Tuesday and beyond. Bernie needed this tbh

  11. so sick of the moral nihilism of centrists, or nazis pretending to be centrists, saying shit like “oh you just agree with it because you think it’s right!”

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