President Trump holds coronavirus press conference (FULL LIVE STREAM)

President Trump announced Wednesday that he will hold a press conference at 6:30 p.m. ET at the White House with officials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and others to discuss the spread of the coronavirus.

As of Tuesday evening, there were 57 people with the virus in the United States, all but 14 of them evacuees from the Diamond Princess cruise ship. CDC officials said they expect to see the number of cases increase as the disease spreads, while also stressing that the immediate risk remains low. The markets also responded to coronavirus fears. The Dow Jones industrial average endured its worst two-day slump in four years Tuesday. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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42 thoughts on “President Trump holds coronavirus press conference (FULL LIVE STREAM)

  1. Greatest experts in the world that claim influenza death rates are 2% annually! If you care about facts at all it’s actually closer to .01% but no biggie I guess for experts. Hahaha … …the 💩-head crew is more appropriate.

  2. Mr. Trump, I repeatedly heard you say "We are prepared and ready" which indicates that the government is prepared and ready, but how is AMERICA as a whole prepared and ready. The cases are rising in China, not dropping and there is one specific aspect of this that is being missed which is the fact that some people are carriers for diseases and don't' show ANY symptoms but will test positive if the test is able to determine whether or not the disease is evident, properly. You gave false hopes when questions were directed to concerns of this virus but answered with a response that had nothing to do with the virus such as the trade deal you made with China. I'm very concerned because I don't feel you have a good handle on this. You repeated yourself more than several times which tells me that you don't realize the full length of the threat and really don't know what to tell people other than what is available within the limitations of your own knowledge. Washing your hands and maintaining proper personal hygiene is only half of the contribution to preventing the virus. If you want to promote good health, think about what you are putting in your body and because this is a RESPIRATORY virus, also consider what foods PROMOTE O2 Saturation which is oxygen getting to your vital organs through your blood. Other than your team telling people to wash their hands and cough into their sleeve, and not to touch guard rails in public places, the knowledge you are sharing is very, very basic and that alone concerns me. I am a Psychology major. My job is to read people and I don't like what you are projecting because I hear everything you are not saying. Furthermore, I would like to know what is going on behind the scenes while this epidemic is being shoved in everyone's face. I'm not one for conspiracy theories at all. However, a woman's intuition is amazing and my intuition is telling me something is terribly off with you and your chosen team of people. You had a few good points but there is a great gap between what is being said and what SHOULD be said to the American people and a lot of what should be said, is being held back. So, I hope you know what you're doing and you are doing what's right in all of OUR affairs. There are consequences even for those oblivious to the consequences they create, and that is most certainly not something you can blame on the media or someone else.

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  4. "Attention WP, etc.. This is an illuminati Counterterrorism Agency™ Red Alert: Our Counterterrorism intelligence Agency™, etc. agents tell us Coronavirus is designed to proliferate in the cold that most of the world will experience for the next 4 days, that it is a malevolent magick operation to reduce populations, feed on hate, cause race wars, destroy the socieconomisymbiotical structures of already impoverished nations, and that vile agents will spread it more over these 4 days, etc. so take more Vitamin C, etc. avoid crowded areas, poor ventilation, & focus on loving everyone to thwart their vile magick."™

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  5. Congratulations America, we're a ship at sea with a storm on the horizon and Gilligan is at the helm. Elections matter, voting matters, this is why we dont elect game show hosts to the most important office in the world.

  6. In 1918 during the Spanish Flu epidemic, America had Woodrow Wilson in the Oval Office. Wilson is widely considered one of the greatest this country has ever had. In 2019, we have Donald Trump who bankrupted a casino and got himself impeached within 3 years of his inauguration. Congratulations America, way to think it through.

  7. I cannot decide if he just threw Mike Pence under the bus, or conceded to not being a stable genius?🤔😂First time I have ever seen Trump being serious(@ the start)🤯 Focused,on topic…& capable of being stable?Dare I say "Presidential"?Did they medicate him or something?🧐
    Also, party-neutral pink tie. No raging red.🤨Totally not happy tho standing behind + second fiddle to,Mike Pence.😆

    😂"…you don't have to grab every handrail unless you have to.." 😂 – Best Trump riffing ever, first time…did he just let a mild show of intelligence slip out?😲🧐Not his usual unintelligible unintelligent off-script "riffing".😕

  8. Pence, while Governor of Indiana, allowed an HIV/AIDS epidemic flourished due to his willful ignorance and denial of science, and his theocratic evangelical beliefs which are based on his belief in the misogynistic, homophobic and racist Iron Age biblical text. Pence is also on record saying that smoking is not an health hazard, condoms are very poor protection against sexually transmitted disease, and is an advocate for 'conversion therapy to 'teach' a change in sexual behavior; and that only heterosexual, and those who have converted should receive treatment for sexually transmitted disease. In addition, Pence is a believer in a genocidal god that advocated for the rape of women and children, and who murdered the entire population of the world, except for Noah and his incestuious family – to show his love. Pence's evangelical family values. Despicable.

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