Jim Cramer reacts to President Trump's comments on the market sell-off

CNBC’s Jim Cramer reacts to President Trump’s comments on Thursday about what he thinks caused the market sell-off this week.


38 thoughts on “Jim Cramer reacts to President Trump's comments on the market sell-off

  1. Trump casts every dept in government as against him and anti trump.. now he hails the CDC as brilliant. Add in Pence being setup for the fall when this bug goes viral and he will again start the paranoid fake news b.s. MSNBC is pathetic and complicit. Watch out below📉

  2. JUST ANSWER – If investors decide Bernie is going to be elected President – should investors move money from one stock to another, or move it out all together? And if you say SELL, then where do I put my money after I sell?
    If you say move it – should it be gold or infrastructure construction or whatever student loan payment will be diverted to or… WHAT GOES UP WHEN BERNIE IS ELECTED?

  3. 30 million people without healthcare

    50 million people with very poor healthcare

    and about 100 million with close to just adequate healthcare

    and all of those people are only going to go to a doctor when there is no other option left

    because all of them fear medical bankruptcy

    i hate to tell you amerikans this , but for the most powerful and richest country in the world you are probably one of the worst equipped to handle a large outbreak
    the poor are put on pupuse in such a situation that when they com , they come after having infected at least a couple of other people around them
    my advice is to stop voting for assholes who opposed/sabotaged medical care for all

  4. This is what happens when government policy is to artificially prop up an already over-extended market with below normal interest rates and promoting massive stock buyback programs. The pin (corona virus) that burst the bubble was completely out of their control. Nothing ever goes straight down; but this feels like the beginning of a long term recession.

  5. As hard as this this is to believe. This is my first time ever hearing Jim cramer do any type of tv air time. I took ALL of my investing advice from Robert kiyosaki (silver, gold, real estate, buy into oil businesses). With that being said, now that I've heard him speak for the first time, I'll never watch him on TV again. Just thought I'd share my thoughts

  6. Actions speak louder than words. Jim Cramer has a “two month” supply of healthcare products and he hugged his kids. 🤓🌎😂 He should have called Trump out for being a moron — it’s not political, it is a fear of an economic slow down of a Global nature. China’s growth was already slowing before December 1, 2019…now 2020 looks like it will shift productivity and consumption 3-6 months into the future. There is no fear in the Financial Markets; this has been a very orderly short-term reaction to the near term uncertainty. As more is known, then we will make the necessary changes. 🙈🙉🙊

  7. Look, guys, China has a total of 10 new cases outside Hubei providence, that's it. This virus is beatable but we have to #FIGHT! We all got caught with our pants down on this thing, but all we need are masks, testing capacity and manpower to win.

  8. I noticed a sudden rash of CEOs announcing retirement:
    Iger at Disney, McDonald's CEO,
    Tom Curley/AP
    Jim Murren/MGM
    Any I missed? Is this coincidence?
    Jack Ma/Ali Baba
    Jim Mullen/MHM Resorts

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