Hannity: Moderators lost all control at Democratic debate

Highlights from the South Carolina debate debacle. #FoxNews #Hannity

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48 thoughts on “Hannity: Moderators lost all control at Democratic debate

  1. Now here is a lesson in the correct scientific use of the word "ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE". I keep telling my students to use it carefully and only when appropriate.
    For example 150,000 gun related deaths is ONE order of magnitude from 1,5 million TWO orders of magnitude from 15 million and THREE orders of magnitude from 150 million.
    That is what it means to be ORDERS of magnitude off from the right answer.

  2. In 2016 pastors Reverend's preachers clergy of all kinds knew that Donald Trump would be the winner a new years ahead of of then because it was predicted by Manny of them and we were told that Trump would be the winner

  3. You impune your own appointees and contradict yourself by suggesting a lack of impartiality can be remedied by planting someone who is partial. Great! Justice is near-sighted!

  4. Wow corrupt racist Bloomberg bragging about how he givens millions of dollars to help get corrupt Democrats politicians elected now we know why corrupt Obama supporting corrupt Bloomberg

  5. Biden says 150 million people have been killed by guns since 2007 in the US? So half the population was killed by guns? I thought it was 30-40 thousand a year. So maybe 500 thousand has died from guns since then and a majority were by suicide. He flat out lied and idiots coming for the guns will believe it too. That's dangerous and deceiving. He should be booted from being a candidate solely of of that.

  6. Amy dem dealing with china etc or any world nations we in trouble .unless its to appease like climate accords sanc.cities .open borders .disgraceful dems

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