$3 trillion wiped off global markets over coronavirus fears

Around $3 trillion has been wiped off the value of global shares this week, as investors fear the consequences of the spread of the coronavirus. European markets plunged at the open of trading this Thursday. Also today, workers at carmaker PSA get a bonus after the company reported record profits for 2019.

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12 thoughts on “$3 trillion wiped off global markets over coronavirus fears

  1. death rate is only around 2%, or 20 times (2000%) worse than the flue but the common cold kills 2% to right? Nope the common cold is typically not fatal except in very rare circumstances. In fact, deaths are so atypical that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention doesn't track them, only fatalities for flu-like illnesses.

  2. To finally pay your employees a living wage when you make huge profits of what they do should have been done a long time ago……sorry to mention that pearl of wisdom for any other big company.

  3. We've seen this movie before. SARS, H5N1, Swine Flu were all pandemic duds. Facebook,Twitter, Youtube, didn't exist during SARS, so the magnitude of hysteria is greater today. Coincidentally, coronavirus will have been "contained" when ratings start to nosedive for coronavirus related news segments. Hysterical soccer moms, and the men who act like hysterical soccer moms will move on to something else

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