Nunes argues why reducing bureaucracy in intelligence agencies is crucial

CNN walks back Russian meddling story; reaction from Rep. Devin Nunes and former CIA officer Bryan Dean Wright. #FoxNews

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50 thoughts on “Nunes argues why reducing bureaucracy in intelligence agencies is crucial

  1. Reduce bureaucracy???? Is that what they call it now to get rid of everyone honest who would blow a whistle on their crimes?When will the traitor trump cult realize the democrats aren't the enemy as trump has convinced them….but russia who installed this puppet president whois destroying our democracy from within?? It is much easier to fool someone than it is to convince them they have been fooled. To admit they were conned makes them feel stupid, so they would rather keep on down the path. The trumpers are the ideal target for cat fishers, Nigerian scammers ….. or liars like trump.

  2. I have rented and roped off the side of mount St. Helen's in the event any of you Lou lou'$ can't take the fact Bernie will be your next president. I plan to charge you for the privelage to throw yourself over the edge into the abyss.

  3. Get rid of the non-elected officials like the Senior Executive Service. They get paid high and became the breathing ground for corruption and other criminal acts. President Trump must do a big shake up in the DOJ and the 3-letter agencies. As Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch said, the DOJ are still protecting Hillary and would not want to surrender/release documents regarding Benghazi & her email as part of Freedom of Information Act so he had to file a lawsuit against the DOJ. George Soros was running the DOJ during the Obama Administration & probably Soros is still running it somehow. I think with the refusal of the DOJ to release some documents, there must be Obama holdover still working at the DOJ so the cycle of corruption is repeatedly happening. Just remember what President John F. Kennedy said "I will splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the wind." Rep. Nunes is right.

  4. It is like having all the air forces: CIA, Army, Navy, Marines, 'DEA, 'FBI, ATF, etc…all have their own.
    Everybody has their own intel…even local police depts. Now they have tanks and half-tracks.
    Tens of trillions of dollars go to maintain this onerous system.
    And we thought East Germany under the Commies was bad.
    Our system puts the Stasi to shame.

  5. Absolutely. Every single job in the intelligence community should be up for grabs–let incumbents PROVE why they should stay and get some honorable people in there. Remember honor? Remember virtue? Most of us actually do–if only vaguely.

  6. Why would anybody in the USA ever trust the CIA or the FBI with anything. Powell went to the UN and entered a war based on phony lies from the CIA. The FISA court was given false data from a British Counter Intelligence officer from England in an attempt to bring down the President of the USA. And Australian Foreign Affairs Minister stood up in parliament and lied to the world about a Chemical Weapon that turned out to be a water tank that took Australia into a senseless war. All this and much more are based on false reports from the CIA and the FBI. So where in all of that is there one ounce of truth that comes form any spook agency anywhere in the English Speaking World. And the top of the stinking heap of lies and deception is the CIA and the FBI.

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