33 thoughts on “Joe Walsh: ‘I’d rather have a socialist in the White House than a con man’

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    You want to give people free health care and they lose their goddamn minds

    Edit: Universal health care is comparitively free for impoverished people

  3. Say what you will but we need people like him saying shit like this. It helps bring in people who otherwise wouldn’t vote for Bernie.

  4. Thanks Joe.

    You may disagree with everything Bernie stands for… But at least you can be sure he will act in America’s interests and not cut deals with autocrats to further his (or his rich friends) interests.

    Trump is a traitor. You can’t trust anything he does and says.

  5. You know what, I’ll take it.

    Joe Walsh may be … someone I’ll never say anything positive about, but I will say this. His coming out and saying this is the first sign of actual sincere patriotism I’ve seen out of a Republican in a damn long time.

  6. Dear American friends. You need to understand that you’re fighting for common human rights. No socialism or any other ideology involved. Basic human rights. (yep, that is period there) Good luck!

  7. My exact sentiment. The Republicans didn’t do anything while in office, except give money to the rich. I actually was interested in Trump’s presidency when it first happened… I wanted to see him go through Washington like a bull and get rid of all the corruption. Turns out, he was the leader of the corruption…

    Now, Bernie is the bull we need. Fuck Trump and fuck Republicans. They are corrupt, authoritarian and treasonous.

  8. The biggest mistake Bernie made was calling himself a socialist. Should’ve just said social democrat and would’ve avoided this whole mess.

  9. I mean do these peoples heads explode when they hear what policies European leftist socialists champion? Sanders is pretty center-left globally.

  10. I wish people would stop using “socialist” as if it’s interchangeable with “democratic socialist”. The worst is when it’s used as a synonym for communism. WTF people.

  11. Let’s get a few things straight:
    1) This Joe Walsh is not the guitarist from The Eagles. Jeez.
    2) [He is kind of an asshole](https://www.huffpost.com/entry/joe-walsh-trump-2020_n_5d5e988fe4b0dfcbd4893ef9?guccounter=1).
    3) It is good that he is standing up to Trump. Kudos for that! The GOP senators are cowards.
    4) I don’t trust him at all. This is most likely being done for personal gain. Not sure what, yet.

    Please, just vote for anyone but Trump.
    Preferably a Democrat (they will have the best chance at beating Trump).

    Trump is a traitorous conman mobster and dictator wannabe, who is getting closer to achieving his dream of being a dictator.

  12. It’s pretty upsetting sorting this one by controversial.

    So many morons stepping up to vote against their own interests.

    I simply can’t understand the mindset of the Republican voter.

  13. What gets me is that people are coming from different walks of politics and independently deciding on the same guy.

    It is almost as if they know lies, platitudes, and propaganda when they hear it and they know simple honesty when they hear it.

    Many of them don’t even agree with his politics. They just want a nice, honest, regular country. They are what I call real Americans.

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