Ingraham: Dr. Frankenstein, meet your monster

Sanders sends left into freakout mode, but they’re to blame for his rise. #FoxNews #IngrahamAngle

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29 thoughts on “Ingraham: Dr. Frankenstein, meet your monster

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    the charade being
    it's generic for ancesters
    it's relative of loudness

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  2. Don't just blame the Dems. The Republicans have been just as bad. Yall have been locking up people who smoke weed for decades and still claim to want small unobtrusive gov. How is the gov telling you what plants you can and not consume personally small gov? Thats the most intrusive form of gov there is, regulating what people can eat and drink in their own homes.

    Don't sit here and try to act like Republicans are perfect little angels. Yall are part of the prob with why young people think communism would be better. Yall have been charging us more to live our lives than your parents and grandparents charged you. Tolls, fees, tickets, police, licenses for everything, we are fed up with old people telling us how to live our lives and punishing us for not letting you steal from us.

    When one generation agrees to have another generation pay for roads they will use but don't have to pay off, thats theft. Generational theft. The baby boomers are keeping everything for themselves and leaving nothing for the rest of us.

    If the Dems are Frankenstein's Monster, then the Republicans are Igor and helped the good doctor build the lab and collected the corpses for the experiment.

  3. Socialism / communism is a parasite to capitalism. Socialism/ communism cannot exist without capitalism for any length of time. There is no mechanism to fund it without capitalism. Communism works real well until it runs out of money and rich people to steal from. You need capitalism to produce a productive Workforce. There is no point in working if there is no reward in it which Communism destroys. There is no incentive to be productive in a socialist system. So they resort to tyranny to try to make it work but it never does. No living creature will respond in a positive way to tyranny. Try to be mean to a dog, horse or oxen and much less a human being and see where it gets you. They may not Rebel but they certainly will not work for you

  4. Blah blah blah bottom line is Republicans in office better get off their lazy asses and JUST DO IT drain the swamp
    4 years of democratic propaganda and impeachment but also 4 years of Republicans backing down and not punching back!!!!!

  5. Catastrophic-runaway-anthropogenic-global-warming [CRAGW] is the only common threat; that we all face. RATpubliKKKlans and CRAGW are your ONLY enemies. Neither I, nor AOC, nor the GND, nor Democratic-Socialism; are your enemies. The enemy, of My enemy . . . Because cows have three stomachs. Cows do NOT fart!!!

  6. It’s not racism. It’s culturalism. The Hispanics want free stuff too! Skin color doesn’t matter. If The way you live your life becomes a culture of poverty, drugs, and violence, and entitlement its not racism when you hate it because it’s not morally right or productive and a danger to society.

  7. Now who would have slightest thought America will cling to socialism or communism. Thank Obama and radical left wingers of so called Democratic party to finally have the old original Commie BERNIE SANDERS to lead and be their presidential hopeless.

  8. god I love that they keep bringing up Putin, they just make themselves look like idiots, and now they are convincing Bernie Bro's that the russian narrative is nothing more than a narrative. Nice plays DNC, you really need to get a new political strategy team.

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