Watch: Donald Trump India's visit – LIVE from Ahmedabad I ANI News I #DonaldTrump #NamasteyTrump

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US President Donald Trump will start his India visit from Ahmedabad today, where he will be landing around 11:40 am along with First Lady Melania Trump and other officials from the US government, including his daughter Ivanka Trump and son-in-law Jared Kushner. PM Narendra Modi will be hosting US President Trump and his delegation and will stage a massive roadshow through Ahmedabad. The two leaders will also visit Sabarmati Ashram and will also address a mega event at the Motera Stadium, where over 1 lakh people are expected to gather for the ‘Namaste Trump’ cultural extravaganza. Dance groups and singers from different parts of the country will be performing on stages along the 22-km route of the ‘India roadshow’ in Ahmedabad. Later, Trump will be flying to Agra in the evening, where CM Yogi Adityanath will be welcoming the US delegation. Trump and his team will later leave for Agra to see the Taj Mahal.

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41 thoughts on “Watch: Donald Trump India's visit – LIVE from Ahmedabad I ANI News I #DonaldTrump #NamasteyTrump

  1. Therefore, do not forget to try to stun the entire country with one stick, Jai Hind. When the government of 130 crore people in India does not consider them citizens today, how can the government chosen by them be legal? The court is just a drama doll! No one has lost faith, but has faith in Allah. The United States Prime Minister, Modi, who does not show the witch, is building it to turn the President of the United States, Donald Trump, into a toilet, because a huge white marble mausoleum was built, 1631 and 1648. in memory of his favorite wife of Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in Agra, between India, and is the jewel of Muslim art in India. From the universal acclaimed masterpiece. MM Modi you are an uneducated person, also listen to Hitler's real bill, you will get your father back and yes, you hear that Gunda Tha Gunda Hai Gunda will continue to be like the thugs who will threaten the people of the country the day the people I came to reality. Delay Gundai will enter your backyard. Have you considered all of India as Gujarat, where you put the blood from the corpses of the blood, the memory of the public is so weak but correct? Your adventures will not be forgotten. Singh

  2. Very disappointing to have this joker in India, it's a serious retrospection of government policy, even foolish Pakistani leadership has distance itself from US, Better we have closer ties with China and Russia, Dumping allies after using them is a tradition of US government.

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