Trump and Modi: What brings together U.S. and India leaders?

One’s the son of a real estate tycoon, the other of a tea seller. Their personal tastes and lifestyles are radically different but it’s what Donald Trump and Narendra Modi have in common that has the whole world watching the US president’s visit to India. While we can compare their America First and Make in India visions as they haggle over trade and military contracts, but the warm reception in Ahmedabad is much more than what the Howdy Modi rally that Trump hosted in Texas last September was.

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21 thoughts on “Trump and Modi: What brings together U.S. and India leaders?

  1. Trump is very astute. After being stuck for 18 years in Afghanistan, India is the perfect patsy to replace the American boots, hence the call for a broader role in the region. At the same time making billions of India selling weapons to fight it’s proxy wars in the region, making up for the billions given to Israel. This way he also keeps Americans safe without risking their lives or spending billions to protect them. Kudos President Trump!!! 👍🏽

  2. Wow very negative nag nag nag jeesh the Indians I like but she host and the other guy wow so negative all complaining I’m not a Trump support nor a fan of India but damn give it a rest I watch France 24 because I can’t stand American media but this was exactly like it but I still love France24 but I’ll probably stop watching the English version it’s getting annoying I’m a French American dual citizen so I might just have a bad attitude lol

  3. Russia and China coming together is mutual and win win but America and India coming together is purely out of jealousy towards China and their structure is America as master and India as slave…. Now you do the thinking.

  4. That lady is completely wrong. US and India had a very cold relationship after independence. Sometimes downright hostile. Did she forget Nixon sent a fleet to attack India? Who is she?

    It was only later during Clinton rule things started to improve. And the only way we Indians would come to the negotiation table is if Pakistan eliminates terrorism completely.

  5. Communists hate own country, own people and own culture. Islam and Communists are natural partners. Because both ideologies are lead by the spirit of hate, terror, deception and destruction. Communism and Islam are a danger to humanity.

  6. What I learned from this debate : Ghandi was killed by Modi , and Muslims are discriminated in India . Thank you France 24 English for the best Fake News out there.

  7. This channel is very lousy they wouldn't let me reply or respond to a comment…. This is what they call Western style of freedom of expression, only their voice is eligible to be heard not the other…. What a hypocrite SHAMELESS channel.

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