Coronavirus: How the deadly epidemic sparked a global emergency | Four Corners

It’s likened to a scene from an apocalypse. Wuhan — a city more populous than London or New York — placed in ‘lockdown’ following the outbreak of the new and deadly coronavirus.

In China, more than two thousand people have died, with tens of thousands more infected, and authorities are resorting to extreme measures to try to halt the contagion. In interviews filmed on smartphones, Chinese activists and Australians trapped in the lockdown explain what they are going through.

Four Corners charts how the outbreak occurred and investigates whether a cover-up by Chinese authorities allowed the virus to spread.


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28 thoughts on “Coronavirus: How the deadly epidemic sparked a global emergency | Four Corners

  1. The blood of every death caused by this virus outside China is on the hands of the Chinese government and the World Health Organization. Everyone at the WHO should be fired and replaced! China should be forced to pay for all the money lost in the markets. Every country needs to pull their business out of China. No country should rely on an outside source for critical items such as food or medicine. Globalism is going to be humanities undoing. And all because of the greed of a few.

  2. All of these people willingly moved to China so let them stay there. I don't want a single person to leave China after they've been exposed to coronavirus. You made your choice, live with it.

  3. No one gives a damn when Americains cover up the mysterious virus that have been killing tens of thousands people . And their government is still concealing the fact from its people and the world.

  4. Pangolins were eating you lying woman , in November on Wikipedia I read about a few massive containers of Ilegal Pangolin meat being imported to China . Like 25,000 pounds of it , which is just sick !!

  5. Disgusting how the "authorities" are treating people who are infected when it's mostly the government's fault that it's this bad. If you go into quarantine you're guaranteed to be exposed to the virus. Understandable that they're so frightened and having to be dragged there. What a mess. Moronic government.

  6. Do anyone remember the recent story about black scientist in ATL, who worked for CDC? Well he went missing under suspicious circumstances. He supposedly left his home leaving his wallet, keys, and a beloved dog. He disappeared for wks. then was found deceased in a river of some sort. Perhaps he knew something ahead of time, and when he tried warning his peers he magically disappeared.

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