Nevada caucus results aren't the end-all be-all | USA TODAY

Nevada caucus results don’t mean victory, or defeat, but may indicate lifespan
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Nevada caucus results are not about numbers, but momentum, and making a case that a candidate can win the national Democratic base.

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28 thoughts on “Nevada caucus results aren't the end-all be-all | USA TODAY

  1. Winning can actually mean you're losing and losing here in Nevada can actually mean your winning…

    Right, go ahead across the street buddy and test out that theory at the casino and see how it goes for you

  2. The problem with Bernie is the center can't get behind him.
    So you're in essence, handing the election to trump. You think in a booming economy we're just going to hand over the reigns to a socialist? Get real democrats…..I realize that's asking a lot of you these days….

  3. "Nevada represents the Democratic better than the previous states, and winning here shows everyone who's most likely to win."

    >Bernie wins with 50% of the vote.

    "The numbers in Nevada aren't really important if you think about it."

  4. Bernie Sanders has made history by winning all the first three state primaries in a row….The Establishment is shitting their pants..Evidenced by this bozo telling you it's "No big deal" ..BUT ITS REALLY A BIG DEAL πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  5. Fake News. This is nothing but pure propaganda designed to [hopefully] assuage the fact that the Democrat establishment is getting its lunch eaten by a faux socialist who quite possibly will have another heart attack before the general election.

    OMG This is all great entertainment …except that it's very serious. #DrainTheSwamp

  6. USA today apparently hates fairness and equality. You're just a puppet for the billionaires running your station. Trying to lie to make it appear less for Bernie than it was. Stop hating equality. Americans are sick of being spit on by the mega rich.

  7. Glad to see so many "Bernie Bros" in the comments. You guys are so rude about this useless piece of fluff. I should really reconsider my warm feelings about Democratic Sociallism.

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