'Mad Mike' Hughes killed in homemade rocket crash | USA TODAY

Homemade rocket-builder ‘Mad Mike’ Hughes killed in launch attempt crash for science show

The 64-year-old died in his homemade steam-powered rocket. The stunt was being filmed for a new TV series for the Science Channel called “Homemade Astronauts.”

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49 thoughts on “'Mad Mike' Hughes killed in homemade rocket crash | USA TODAY

  1. He lived a thousand lifetimes.

    He didnt die in his office cubicle next to a fax machine.

    He didn't die horrifically on some hospital bed.

    He died doing what he loved. It's sad that it was his time but what is sadder is how the rest of us will die.

  2. Even NASA has failed many times attempting to launch rockets and they get a lot of funding and have brilliant minds working on these rockets. So it's not strange that this rocket had problems too.

  3. Well he didn't fall off the edge , did he ? Flat Earth my ass ! Hasn't anyone showed these idiotic ass-clowns any go-pro shots from balloons etc . He might still be alive . Flat earth ..sheit , I skydive it isn't flat okay??? It's only flat when you hit the ground . Get a grip or….. RIP !

  4. I never knew Wille E Cyote was a flat earther. How flat is he now… by the earth no less.

    This is more ironic than failed pianist who is also a gravity denier, being killed by a falling piano.

  5. …why not launch…OH I DON'T KNOW…. a CAMERA on that rocket to see if it even works ??
    why would anybody, flat earther or not, do something that silly?
    Is this even serious, it sounds so dumb – it's much more likely that this guy killed himself, nobody can be this far away from reality….of course you know what will happen … ask a five year old to do this stunt and he will ask how you want to come down after

    This is complete lack of any common sense at all
    It might be fake story to make flat earthers look stupid and take any credibility away from anyone who's deemed a 'conspiracy theorist'. Bc we got to believe the allmighty government ONLY.
    To me that sounds more of a possibility than this guy actually coming up with this immense stupidity

  6. wait why would he launch him self to space like he want to go to the moon? and how he get back? idk man this whole plan from the start isnt a good idea like it's not rocket science to think it's not a good idea

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