Trump SET OFF by Fox Host

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Trump just lost his mind of Fox’s own Neil Cavuto. Brett Erich, Jayar Jackson, and Jason Carter, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comments below.


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“A brief segment on Fox News Thursday night unleashed fury in President Donald Trump.

It wasn’t a very notable clip, but apparently Trump watched it, and it set him off. It featured A.B. Stoddard, a conservative commentator opposed to the president, repeating on host Neil Cavuto’s show the conventional wisdom that, despite his 2016 victory, Trump frequently did not perform well in the presidential debates.

“I think that Donald Trump had disastrous debate performances,” Stoddard said. “Many answers were so cringeworthy you just couldn’t even believe he was still standing on the stage.”

Hosts: Brett Erich, Jayar Jackson, Jason Carter

Cast: Brett Erich, Jayar Jackson, Jason Carter


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49 thoughts on “Trump SET OFF by Fox Host

  1. Looking the show and others from germany, i wonder how blind people can be to elect such a stupid loudmouth as leader/president after all what history tells to the whole world about such degenerated assholes like trump and if i have missed history lessons in school… only blind and deaf don't see what a guy he is.


    Me: 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. The people @his ‘rallies’ ARE the WW WRESTLING CROWD‼️ These people actually think the drama is real & not rehearsed. They eat it up. Dumb as hell‼️ Ignorance is Bliss‼️

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  5. Everybody hates Trump the King Of Morons. He’s an idiot. His family are idiots. We have to dump this incompetent wannabe monarch. He’s a traitor to the Constitution and the United States Of America. And I don’t mean because maybe Russia supports him or some crap like that. Trump is a traitor because of the decisions he makes everyday. GO TO HELL, TRUMP!!! YOU TURD DEMON!!!

  6. To quote a meme from Silence of the Lambs: Pick a corporate Democrat, and it gets the Donald again. Please everyone, let's get this honeycomb, possum face, orange, tiny hands Cheeto dust a twat waffle, with the aging wispy yeti pubes for hair, and all the personality charm of a wet burlap sack of mummified foreskins, a one term president. can we just please get him and that aborted fetus of a flamingo that sits on his head, out of office?

  7. Lets clarify this in a more simpler way, what the right will accept and what the left will accept is two different things, if he was campaigning on the left, he wouldn't be president, that's all I'm saying.

  8. I'm so tired of listening to his whining. He whines on Twitter, at rally's, to the media…. It NEVER ends. I couldn't imagine working or living with him. No wonder he and his gold digging wife have separate bedrooms.

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