Cinemassacre's Sonic The Hedgehog Movie Review with SomecallmeJohnny

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James, Justin, and Johnny teamed up to talk about the new Sonic The Hedgehog movie! Was the movie right to redesign Sonic? How does it hold up to other video game movies? How could they have made it better? Watch now to find out!

Thanks to Johnny for stopping by to review with us!

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23 thoughts on “Cinemassacre's Sonic The Hedgehog Movie Review with SomecallmeJohnny

  1. I’ve tried multiple times watching your reviews and they’re all amateur at best. No research done, misinformation out the ass. Not understanding basic concepts. The only person who had anything worth inputting and saying was the guy on the right

  2. With the success of Sonic it is plausible we could see a Bayonetta, Altered Beast, and Golden Axe film.👍🏼 I fully support this idea provided they give these films the same love and care as Sonic.

  3. I believe the reason the legacy media is rooting for Sonic to tank is because they don't like the idea of anyone taking into consideration fan feedback.  The critics and the professionally offended want to pressure movie studios to crowbar in woke politics.

  4. And you know Sonic has been the Real World about 2 times now one in SONIC X and the other in o6. But execpt this time at least the main characters were actually good unlike Chris and Elise. I enjoyed every single thing about this film but i felt the music should've been you know more SONIC Adventure like or something, Probably the only problem i had with the film was the flossing (TWICE) and baby SONIC Because he didn't look like Classic SONIC to me. Overall i think this was a very fun film not the best but it's a movie i might wanna come back to.

  5. 16:08 I think the problem is that worldbuilding in a videogame is vastly different from worldbuilding in a film: in the videogame, you can get away with a very shallow story if the game itself is engaging and fun, and the player can take their time to explore and immerse themselves in the game world at their own pace. But in a film, the viewer engages passively with the material for about two hours. For instance, the 2016 Warcraft film (though I haven't watched it) was criticized for its storytelling, and yet it takes place in pretty much the same world as the games, with some adaptations.

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