Bernie Has Path to Victory, 2950

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34 thoughts on “Bernie Has Path to Victory, 2950

  1. Bernie will not get 50%+1. When no one has the 50%+1, the Superdelegates kick in. They will not chose Bernie unless they are throwing Bernie to the wolves to lose.

  2. Bill, if I may, the ad in the middle of the video is a bad idea. I like the fact that if you are hawking something, the ad is at the beginning of the video, or usually was. I even bought cerule on your recommendation because I trust you (it worked BTW). However, trying to chop a video up like a TV program doesn't work. All of us here hate that, and is in part why some of us are here in the first place, because we loathe TV. That is just my opinion, but I would recommend sticking with what you know.

  3. There is a statute: 'Misprision of a Felony'. That is what can clear out the swamp. It is not the bad actors that will out themselves, it is all those people in the gray areas surrounding them. Make it known to all swamp rats that if a legal infraction happened in your department and although un-involved yet proven you were aware of it, you will be spending 3 to 5 years in federal prison….the flood gates will open.

  4. Spot-on, Bill, our Constitutional Republic was in the balance just a few weeks ago ! And now the Despicable Dems and their leftist MSM propaganda arm have already moved on to Russia hoax 3.0, this time against both POTUS and Crazy Bernie ! But Bernie also has the "Super Delegate" problem at the convention ! And yes, Blubberberg was the first candidate in history to be scalped by a non-Indian (Pocahontas) ! The answer is the GOP Monster Vote in 2020 !

  5. you know it was Hillary advise to bloom boogers and throw around a few hundred million while your at it Michael You blithering. Idiot. It's The
    Geriatrics and the Geritol show..starring Those fools .. sponsored by monster size depends

  6. Unless 'cheating Bernie' is actually the real strategy here, not because he'd loose the nomination, but rather because the 'bernie bros' would start civil unrest which, coupled with the widespread economic devastation caused by the exploding COVIND-19 pandemic, would cripple Trump's chances to win the election. We keep thinking about the Democrats in terms of national politics – but they operate within a globalist framework; which means that the weakening of the US is a desirable goal.

  7. Awesome Bill. During the 2016 election, I quit listening to the MSM months before the general election and focused on YouTube news that was free of gaslighting spin. Your channel was a steady stream of positive news that prepared me for a Trump victory. All of my conservative friends were depressed by the constant stream of fake polls guaranteeing HRC as the 45th president. I kept telling them that Trump was going to win and none of them believed me until the day after the election. That was 4 years ago and I am still listening. We will miss you when you retire.

  8. Bernie nor any other current Dimocrap candidates will be allowed to win. The Dimocrap/Globalist masters already know who will be nominated and chosen at their brokered convention.

  9. Hi Bill. You say "was" and "this is how our freedoms were nearly lost" as in past tense. This cold war is still raging and the outcome is yet unknown and history is written by the victors. Do you know something we don't know?

  10. We all have to get out and vote Trump, don't underestimate the national support for Bernie Sanders. Many of his supporters secretly support him. Not all of them are radicals creating chaos. I think many of you would be surprised about how many votes he will get. He was, and is much more popular than Hillary…..she won the popular vote and almost the election.

  11. I get that the party members want Sanders, but he's been proud to have (I) next to his name for decades, so I can't begrudge the Democrats for keeping him off their ballot. Parties may suck in several ways, but party loyalty is part of the same.

  12. Trump Won with 8% of the Black support. The latest #s are 42% support for President and several more months of Candice and the rest keep showing what the President has done to help people help themselves. SHOCK POLL! Trump's Approval Among Blacks SURGES to 42%!!!

    73,774 views•Feb 3, 2020

    Dr. Steve Turley

    248K subscribers (Great YouTuber)

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