Donald Trump’s ‘Decapitation Of His Own Intelligence Community’ | Deadline | MSNBC

Reports that the president berated his outgoing director of national intelligence for allowing a national security briefing to Congress on Russia’s interference in the 2020 election. Aired on 02/21/20.
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Donald Trump’s ‘Decapitation Of His Own Intelligence Community’ | Deadline | MSNBC


35 thoughts on “Donald Trump’s ‘Decapitation Of His Own Intelligence Community’ | Deadline | MSNBC

  1. Have ANY of you asked the question, "Why would the Russians try to help TRUMP win, when Hillary was the candidate more aligned with socialist/communist policies?" Trump is for deregulation, lower taxes, and a host of other things socialists don't want. So why help Trump?

  2. There is NOTHING to stop foreign interference again as a nation and a country WHO DO NOT SUPPORT this evil sociopathic psychopathic has better vote against this president so that HE WILL NOT BE RE-ELECTED.
    He WILL do anything to get four years in The White House we as AMERICANS MUST do all we can to stop him!!!!

  3. Buy American support American conglomerates like ALPP, ALpine 4 Inc as they benefit from the Blue-collar boom bringing manufacturing and technology jobs back to AMerica

  4. "He, sends javelins to Ukraine to shoot my tanks. Lol. He blocks my pipeline to Germany. Haha. His sanctions are brutal. He builds military to dwarf mine. Hehe. I friggin love this guy! OLGA…MISTRESS OLGA…come kick me in the nuts again. Make it hard kick." Said Putin according to sources.

  5. Here you go again!
    Pathetic-too bad the Dems and MSM can’t do something instead of looking for a way to trash Trumps administration. You are ALL as cringeworthy as possible. It was members of the Democratic Party that interfered-starting with DNC and Bernie. Remember Donna Brazile?

  6. Trump only praises the Intelligence community when it suits him. One day they're the Deep State the next they know for a fact, the Iranian General was preparing an 'imminent' attack now full circle to can't believe them on National Security & election meddling. This administration is all over the place. Can't wait to end our country's suffering in November. #Vote

  7. the only obstacle for putin global dominance is the USA , our national and the world security was handle by our easily manipulated weak minded president to russia . that's why putin and every other tyrants need the traitor to win the election …..

  8. You guys are NUTS! President Trump wasn't angry because the so called Intelligence people were telling him that Russians were interfering. He simply cannot trust what the "Intelligence" personnel are telling him. Adam Shift is a big part of the Intelligence community. That tells me exactly why President Trump wouldn't trust them.

  9. Sadly America is headed for its "Titanic moment"….the rest of the World will sink with it. Wake up America, Trump was trained and backed by Russia years ago to bring down the whole Western hegemony… this was the Right Wing Plan to do a take over of Western democracies. He's doing it right under your noses… he is a total dunce but a very clever one …aka Lex Luthor
    Very concerned Aussie

  10. G it don’t take a genius to figure out what trumps agenda it’s. He filed bankruptcy’s on casinos. I’m sure he had people telling him no don’t do this because we can’t handle that financially. I’m sure you’ll find out that Trump had those people fired.

  11. When will you guys call out this blatant disregard or actually, willful destruction (!), of your national security for what it is: Treason! Don’t overthink it! Whatever the reasons are, fact is that Trump is absolutely destroying your national security while the US is under attack! Where I come from, we call it TREASON!
    Imagine a scenario where your castle is under attack and your (republican) leaders and their cronies simply open the gates to let the enemy in or willfully neglect reinforcing the weak spots in your defenses while their mouthpieces are telling you that there’s nothing to see there! Would you really accept that? I am amazed that the streets aren’t filled with people demanding they are better defended from your archenemies!


  13. No matter how bad you think Trump is, the truth about him is worse. It's impossible for anyone with any morals whatsoever to imagine how totally morally bankrupt Trump is.

  14. President Trump realizes that the enemy within is the unelected partisan bureaucrats, also known as the 'Deep State' – But now they are all scurrying like rats caught in the torchlight… One by one they are being exposed, and one by one they will be prosecuted, as Trump fulfills he campaign promise to 'Drain the Swamp'. 👀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🔨🔒😝

  15. That famous clip @0.50 is STILL the most toe-curling moments I've seen, (Apart from the launch of Space Command in the rose garden last year). Twenty five seconds of Trump's intrapersonal skills, clearly having no idea whether he should be doing or saying anything, and not having the wit or wisdom of how to cover it. He looks like he's waiting for his burger, but can't be sure if he ordered it. If ever a man was clearly overwhelmed and out of his depth, this is him. Meanwhile, Putin seems positively bristling with quiet satisfaction, content to leave Trump twisting in the wind.

  16. It is sad that there is nobody around Donald Trump who has the upright format of a Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg , who knows exactly what is right – Booooom – and the evil is finally over

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