Bullying victim's video prompts fundraisers, fame and celebrity friends

A harrowing video of a 9-year-old boy – taunted because of his dwarfism – has produced a global reaction. The recording of Quaden Bayles, in a state of desperation, has prompted calls for kindness, celebrity support and epic crowdfunding success. Plus, what does Donald Trump have against “Parasite”? 

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15 thoughts on “Bullying victim's video prompts fundraisers, fame and celebrity friends

  1. I was bullied as many we get over it .. the world is cruel and cruelty is of the devil and cannot be curtailed by creating laws or more political correctness that will punish the righteous along with the parasites 🦠I would have never made a public spectacle out of my son.

  2. But what I can not understand is why his mother doesn't get him out of that school!! How can you keep taking your child to a school where they mistreat him so much to the point that he has suicidal thoughts and serious psychological problems?? How can you allow that and then record a video of him talking like that?? Don't you see that your child is suffering a lot?? Remove him from that school you stupid bitch and report all those bullies and the school itself to the police, damnit!

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