26 thoughts on “Pro climber uses a ‘Knee-Bar’ to bring blood back to his forearms.

  1. Adam Ondra. One of the strongest climbers out there.

    I think this is on “Silence”. If not, that’s a great video to watch too

  2. Is his harness holding him up at all or is that purely leverage from his foot and knee? I don’t know anything about rock climbing so honestly asking…

    It’s simply amazing what he can do.

  3. This is a very professional camera man not some random dude. The camera work was carefully choreographed over many repetitions of him trying this route.

    This is one of the top climbers in the world climbing the world’s hardest bolted climb. Adam Ondra on Silence.

    Check the video, it’s damn impressive.

  4. If he’s actively using his forearms, isn’t it just like a workout so there is blood actively circulating there already?

  5. Praise the cameraman? The cameraman can’t hold a candle to the balls of this guy. Those balls have a personality of their own. Those are sentient balls.

    …and the knee. Praise the fucking knee.

  6. Since no one posted it, this is the source of the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZRTNHDd0gL8

    Adam Ondra on the climb “Silence”, rated 5.15d/9c, which is the hardest graded climb in the world and has yet to be repeated by another climber. Ondra is pretty widely considered to be the best technical outdoor rock climber in the world, he’s climbed more 5.15 routes than anyone and the only person to ever flash (climb the full route first try without having falling) 5.15a.

    There is a shot in this film that I think is more /r/praisethecameraman worthy, when he finishes the climb at 15:53 https://youtu.be/ZRTNHDd0gL8?t=953

  7. That’s not just any “pro climber”. That’s the man himself, Adam Ondra, widely regarded as the best climber alive. I believe this is him on his inappropriately named “Silence”, the world’s first 9c grade.

    He’s a monster, and he screams a lot.

  8. This isn’t related to the camera man at all.

    Will this sub become the thousandth “amazing”, “woah”, “next level” sub?

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