Gohmert calls out 'jealousy and bigotry' of 2020 Democrats

Pete Hegseth, Jason Chaffetz, and Rep. Louie Gohmert react to controversial comments made by Democratic candidates.

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42 thoughts on “Gohmert calls out 'jealousy and bigotry' of 2020 Democrats


  2. They only problem for the 2020 election is the voter fraud by the left and the illegal voters alone are that are in the millions. Last election there were reports of Vans pulling up at some voting booths with boxes and boxes of fraudulent paper votes in favor of Hillary and she still could not win. It was worked out that the % of the votes when put together for some areas didn't work out. Too many votes in that area for the population. Just imagine if the MSM told the truth about Trump then and now by how much he would have won by and how much he will win by in2020.

  3. geez this sounds like when the fakenews attacked Trump as racist and sexist. I thought Hannity was above all that
    after all he defended Trump against those charges. Yet here he is trashing Bloomberg with the same accusations?
    I guess they're all the same why you can't watch these shows for more then just entertainment

  4. Donald inherited a fortune and still managed to bankrupt, among other things, 3 casinos', and he inherited a growing US economy…..Oh dear……
    Nine of the last ten U.S. recessions began with a Republican President.
    1953 Republican
    1958 Republican
    1960 Republican
    1969 Republican
    1973 Republican
    1980 Democratic
    1981 Republican
    1990 Republican
    2001 Republican
    2007 Republican
    Good time for you to, I don't know, shut up?

  5. Now that its clear concerning the fbi and cia desperatly needing the Democrats in the white house to do what they have been doing.
    Our history comes alive.
    And the future may be Saved for a time.
    God Bless Trump and family

  6. 100% spot on. People resonate with Trump and Sanders because they are speaking their truths whether you agree or disagree you hear that they believe what they are are saying and not saying something because they think it's what you want them to say.

  7. The irony in Bloomberg's statement is that it actually represents how Democrats and coastal liberal elites feel about farmers..
    Do you think Jimmy Kimmel or Stephen Colbert know the difference between a John Deere Combine Harvester and a lawnmower?
    Do you think they know that in plant taxonomy, corn is simply a genetically modified grass?

    The reality is, the average US farmer is more educated and accomplished than the highest-paid CNN, MSNBC or TV network talk show host.

  8. Assault guns are 👉TOMMY GUNS,THE FULL AUTOMATIC MACHINE GUNS, like in the ONES AL CAPONE & his gangsters in the 30's were using in those black, and white movies the government outlawed back in the day, that's the comparison to use for that assult weapons debates…

  9. He might have the money, but not the brains! There is no candidate that can come close to our President. All are corrupt, lack of charisma, courage, integrity, intelligence, and wisdom!!!!

    Trump will be re-elect and we the people that love him will stand by his side. If only we could keep him longer than two terms!!!!

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