Donald Trump stops rally to honour WWII Veteran and roasts opponents with hilarious nicknames

Heartwarming moment a pair of Trump supporters went out of their way to make sure a WWII Veteran had the best seat in the house at the campaign rally in Phoenix. The President stopped his speech to honour the 100-year-old war hero, Irvin Julian.

Donald Trump attacked his political opponents, telling supporters that Republican Senator Mitt Romney is a “half-wit” and calling Democratic presidential candidate Tom Steyer an “idiot” and “jerk”.

Trump also laid into Bloomberg, calling him “mini-Mike”, in apparent reference to Bloomberg’s height, and saying he would not win the Democratic nomination.

Trump’s rally in Phoenix, Arizona, came as Democrats took to the stage in Las Vegas, Nevada, for the latest Democratic debate, with former New York City mayor Mike Bloomberg participating for the first time.

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Powerful moment Trump supporters carry World War II veteran through the crowd at MAGA rally:

Donald Trump shares vid of ‘Mini Mike’ Bloomberg getting CRUSHED by a giant foot as he’s dwarfed by podium:

Trump blasts Bloomberg’s ‘bumbling’ debate performance as ‘the worst in history’ as pundits declare billionaire ‘loser’:

Oregon and California conservatives want to redraw borders to join Trump-loving IDAHO to preserve gun rights and values:

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32 thoughts on “Donald Trump stops rally to honour WWII Veteran and roasts opponents with hilarious nicknames

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  2. We have to love our proud veterans!!!!!! A five-time draft dodging COWARD like Donald Trump, not so much. It is bad enough that Trump is a COWARD, but that he says such horrible and disrespectful things concerning our military heroes, for that I can never forgive him.

  3. Donald Trump honoring a war veteran, maybe Donald Trump himself should be a war veteran instead of faking injuries to dodge the Vietnam draft several times, its hard to consider a chickenhawk a patriot, if I was Irvin Julian I'd wheel myself up the stage to spit in Donald Trump face

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