15 thoughts on “Climate activist Greta Thunberg donates prize money to new foundation

  1. The best way to use money to fight climate change is to fight climate change deniers. A solid PR campaign against them would go a hell of a long way.

  2. I really don’t get the hate she receives. At best she is what she claims to be: a teenager worried about the future of the planet. At worst she’s a PR tool used by her family to fight for climate and at the same time gain notoriety. Most probably it’s all of the above. So what? The situation is dire enough to warrant all the PR it can have. If it’s in a form of a teenager who admonish world leaders and industrialists then more power to her.

    It’s ok if you don’t agree with me but at least, then please don’t worship Jeff Bezos instead.

  3. ITT cynicism and shut-ins pretending to be better than someone doing good (and possibly earning a living doing good) — raise your hand if you have done anything similar?

  4. It always amaze me that some people are so quick to discredit whatever she does. Everyone seems to forget that only a few years ago, she was a regular high schooler in a club for climate change. All of this happened out of chance, the media interviewed her (among many kids from her school) and the things she said became cause for headlines. Not everything decent in the world is a conspiracy.

  5. Title:

    > Climate activist Greta Thunberg donates prize money to new foundation


    > Thunberg, 17, who won the Right Livelihood Award in December, will use the 1 million Swedish crown ($100,000) prize to establish the Greta Thunberg Foundation in Sweden.

    Basically, she donated to her own foundation.

  6. She doesn’t donate the money: “Ah, so she’s in this for the money!”

    She *does* donate the money: “Oh, it’s going to her *foundation*? What a crock!”

    Whiny online babies will never be satisfied with anything she does.

  7. Smart move. She now has an entity to point to when people want to throw money at her. I don’t understand the choice of headline though; why not just say she used the prize money to establish the Greta Thunberg Foundation like it does in the opening blurb.

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