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For more than six months, Australia has been on fire.

Millions of hectares have burned, dozens of lives have been lost, thousands of homes destroyed – and now a wildlife emergency is unfolding.

It is estimated that as many as one billion animals have been killed. With bushland scorched, more animals are continuing to succumb to the loss of food and habitat.

101 East travels to Kangaroo Island, a tourist destination off Australia’s southern coast which has been ravaged by fires.

Known for its stunning natural beauty and abundance of wildlife, conservation groups are now in a race against time to try to rescue and care for the island’s sick and injured animals.

Evan Quartermain, an ecologist, has been helping rescue as many of the surviving animals as he can, including the country’s much-loved koalas.

About 80 percent of the koalas’ habitat on Kangaroo Island was wiped out by the flames.

“There’s corpses littering the ground. Nothing could have prepared me for it,” says Quartermain. “It’s extremely confronting, the amount of death.”

Another ecologist, Pat Hodgens, is trying to help save one of the world’s most vulnerable species, the Kangaroo Island dunnart, a small mouse-like marsupial.

There were thought to be less than 500 of them before the fires, but nearly all of their habitat has been destroyed.

“This could be the next species to go extinct,” he says.

101 East meets the dedicated people fighting to save Australia’s native animals.

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25 thoughts on “Australia's Wildlife Emergency | 101 East

  1. I hate that government can tell us that preventative urns and fire blocks are not allowed so it travels from area to area. The Wildlife management should just build fire barriers and have periodic burns because the government does not work in our best interest. In Australia , Brazil or America.

  2. I praise and thank God, The Creator of us all. I live in the USA and not in Australia. I heard that now there are little or no severe fires in Australia. I thanked God Alone when I heard the news. I hope others thanked God and vowed to God to try to be better people. I love God.

  3. There are only two ways in which a fire can be caused : arson (human beings) or lightning. It´s known that certain people like to set fires, because they are enjoying destruction, suffering and killing (experts on first signs of psychopathy: arson and torturing of animals).

  4. Most of the fires in eastern Australia are either out, ot contained. Actually, we've had a couple of wet weeks and the countryside is lush and green again. It is not 'climate change', Australia's chief scientist has said that there is no proven connection between that and the bushfires Australia has always suffered from.
    Drought, fires, floods and the cycle continues. IT is ridiculous 'green' policies that stop fuel control burns and fire breaks that are to blame… and there is plenty of evidence to support that compared to the speculation and fear mongering of the climate cult.

  5. Cutting down Trees 🌲🌲🌲🌲around are world from forests 🌳 to woodlands 🌳are releasing Toxins that the trees 🌲 have collect back into the Atmosphere and logging is cutting far quicker than planting around the world and adult trees 🌲 that take 45 years to grow store more toxins and carbon than just new planted trees does .
    If the logging continues to carry on then the weathers around are world will become a lot hotter and very aggressive storms will become life threatening for humans just because humans can’t stop eating massive amounts meat 🥩 just because jobs and money are more important than life itself .
    PLEASE SAY NO TO LOGGING and help protect the trees and the wildlife habitats that are so important to the world we live .

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