Democrat Goes to Trump Rally and Realizes Dems Are SCREWED in 2020 | Glenn Beck

In a wildly popular Medium piece, Dr. Karlyn Borysenko described what it was like attending a Trump rally as a Democrat. She told Glenn Beck crossing party lines is nearly forbidden in liberal circles but she branched out anyway — and learned quite a bit about the other side. Subscribe to Glenn Beck:

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46 thoughts on “Democrat Goes to Trump Rally and Realizes Dems Are SCREWED in 2020 | Glenn Beck

  1. You should vote for the party that will improve your life and country . You are not a Democrat, republican,socialist or communist. YOU ARE AMERICAN . Pick the best party that will make your life better

  2. Dr Karen B. Welcome to the normal side of politics. As you now have seen the left is the wrong direction to venture down. The story you have just relayed to G.B. Is something the conservatives see & fight against. You now see what Hate & fear amongst the Dems & the left are visible to those center or Right.
    The unfounded "fears" of conservatives are False. Hopefully you continue to walk away from the left now that you have experienced the way most on the right act & behave in every day life. I welcome you to keep moving forward to a place that you feel comfortable & safe. Only You may know your choice for future political views. We all are happy you now have seen the left for what they appear to others. Vote your concise and take forward what was learned in NH at the rally. 🇺🇸👍☺👏

  3. If you're Laying on the Side of the Road Bleeding 9xs out of 10 it's one of US Deplorables that stops to HELP!If the Dems get their Way there won't Be Enough of US to GO around!Better get use to waiting on the Government for a BAND AID!'COMMON SENSE AINT THAT COMMON!That's Voltaire!Surprise I have some Grey Matter!Do YOU?

  4. With all the LGBTQXYZ issues, sexual freedom and all, somewhere, somehow, the Democrats must have included "self screwing", because that is what they have done. Yeah, they are screwed, and they did it to themselves. Pull the chain, flush the lot. Don't vote for crazy in 2020.

  5. I would be scared too if I thought every Trump supporter was racist. There are at least 62 million of them. If there were that many racist white people here black people would be fleeing to Africa instead of fleeing to this country.

  6. I was reading her twitter just yesterday and and All she was saying was telling people to act kind to one another and listen to other peoples viewpoints. Looking at the comment section the Democrats completely lost their minds and quickly attacked her at every angle saying the most vulgar and terrible things. The difference between a Conservative and a Democrat is Liberals put everyone into categories, mainly race and label everyone but Republicans see people as individuals and treat them as such getting to know people personally and judging them by their character. Democrats are not even Democrats anymore they are Socialists and when the average Democrat wake up to it, it can be really shocking.

  7. The way she described these Knitter mobs and what they want from people sounds alot like they are "auditing" people Scientology style. I'm not the first to say they seem like some sort of secular religion/cult. Think we can call them the secular order of the golden virtue. 😂😂😂😂

  8. PLEASE, brother Glenn, I want to see your new video on China!?? Please! You said it would be live on FB n UTube, but never saw it!! Please, people keep praying for brother Rush daily, also!

  9. I think there will be a lot of awakenings before this election is over. They may not go so far as being fully red pilled but their eyes will be opened to the insanity going on in the Democratic party and realize how they have been taken in and indoctrinated up to this point. That can only be a good thing for this country. We need to marginalize the far left and all who support them. There is no place for their fascist, leftist policies and rhetoric in our free society.

  10. When you put good for evil and evil for good the only thing "screwed" is your perception of reality. Having a president that is in favor of his own country's prosperity is not a bad thing.

  11. You aint seen nothing yet, when trump wins by a land slide THE ANTIFA HATERS of all things fare and just will riot.Their reality check will be to much for their narrow and very indoctrinated minds to comprehend 😁

  12. When you shut down other people by fear and intimidation you are a nazi or a dictator. Simple as that. Also Germany's nazi party got SOCIALIST in its name (National Socialist German Workers' Party). So far left/antifa are just nazis who do not even realize they are.

  13. Why is racism or the perception of racism the be-all gauge of human character for a leftist? I don't get it. The number one thing an SJW needs to establish is whether someone is a racist or bigot or just doesn't feel like celebrating other races or cultures.

  14. I have considered myself to be an Independent with conservative values…I had the good sense to vote for President Trump 2016, and will be voting for him in 2020. After what I've seen from the Democratic party , the leftist propaganda machine, and many of the radical hateful insane Democratic supporters, I will never vote Democrat again. These people have gone totally insane!

  15. Just left Phoenix rally and I can agree dems are screwed. 13k inside and 20k outside that didn't get in. At least 40% of people were not white. People from all over the world and now Patriots is what I saw. This lady is saying the she found herself surrounded by nazis and now is realizing it's time to bail.

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