A Grayer Blagojevich Thanks Trump For Commuting Prison Sentence | NBC News

Former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich talked with reporters at an airport and thanked President Trump for commuting his prison sentence.
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A Grayer Blagojevich Thanks Trump For Commuting Prison Sentence | NBC News


22 thoughts on “A Grayer Blagojevich Thanks Trump For Commuting Prison Sentence | NBC News

  1. You see…. Trump can destroy you as well as forgive you. Thats the moral of the story so jump on board.
    Woe onto ye who would try to harm Trumpism for he will incurr Trumps unyelding wrath and furius anger.

  2. Trump is misusing his office. He just announced a bundle of pardons and commutations. Normally, presidents may do 11th hour pardons at their end of term. After Trump got off on the impeachment he is on a non ending victory lap. He now considers himself as one who can do anything without check. The checks and balances on the three branches of government are done. This is why its important to vote for someone who has good judgement and discretion as president. The founders gave allot of power to the executive branch. For the most part, that power has not been abused in the past. Except for Bush lying us into a unending war. That's pretty much the beginning of the end of co equal branches of government. This will get allot worse. Trump no longer has anyone in his administration that will stand up to him and give sound advice. They are all yes men/woman. Scary stuff. The GOP will eventually realize they screwed up with the impeachment. They thought he would be more careful. lol. https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2020/02/03/republicans-say-trump-has-learned-his-lesson-impeachment-evidence-suggests-otherwise/

  3. Obama pardoned 212 people and commuted the sentences of a further 1,715 people. Obama holds the record for the largest single-day use of the clemency power, granting 330 commutations on January 19, 2017, his last full day in office. He also issued more commutations than the past 13 presidents combined.

  4. Blagojevich told reporters he was grateful to President Trump for commuting his prison sentence, allowing him to return to his family in Chicago. “I think it’s appropriate to express my deepest, most profound, and everlasting gratitude to President Trump,” Blagojevich said.
    “He didn’t have to do this,” he continued. “He’s a Republican president, I was Democrat governor and my fellow Democrats haven’t exactly been very nice to him.” “He’s got obviously a big fan in me, if you’re asking me what my party affiliation is, I’m a Trumpocrat,” Blagojevich said to reporters in the Denver airport after he was released.

  5. How much are you being PAID to make these statements Blagojevich?
    "If you can't do the Time, Don't do the Crime." You are still a criminal and your family will know it forever!
    Trump* will not have freed you without a motive. What's in it for Him??

  6. Poor me, I'm like those black guys who got decades in prison after the US govt flooded their community with Crack and made the Sentence for Crack harsher than the sentence for Powder Cocaine to protect rich white guys like me in the 80s

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