President Trump kicks off four-day visit to Western states

Trump to participate in a meeting for the 2028 Olympics set to take place in Los Angeles; Blake Burman reports from the White House. #FoxNews

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40 thoughts on “President Trump kicks off four-day visit to Western states

  1. Here’s the bottom line.  If we continue to accept the impeached president’s abhorrent behavior it appears that we condone it.  Mitt Romney did not condone it.  Mitt Romney condemned it.  Mitt Romney is the first of many Republicans to break with Trump.

  2. President Trump, I hope you will have a great Western Trip, please be Careful, many Snakes in that area. I lived in Phoenix 25 years, it is Wonderful. God Bless You and keep you Well.

  3. According to the impeached president, criticism is synonymous with treason.  Donald Trump is without a doubt the weakest and most irrational president in history.  Republican voters are leaving the party in droves.

  4. There may be change coming to California in the near future. Californians have absorbed all the malfeasance that it's local and state governments are responsible for. The homeless, the drugs and the cost to live has affected's time for a new direction.

  5. Hey there Fox news? I hope Hannity the ingraham, and all the rest of the people who do the news with Fox, let's not be like CNN, MSNBC and all the other networks who constantly put our President Trump down. I find now that we are talkin about Sanders and the rest of them, Bloomberg and putting them down. Iet's not be like they were, let's give them a Fair hand, A chance" we know they don't have a chance against our president and we're proud of that. So I say let's stay proud and vote Republican go Trump 20/20!!👍😏

  6. Dems can't play fair because the voters will demolish them if Sanders is the nominee. They've been exploiting their deranged base in much the same way as the media and the universities. Serves 'em right!

  7. Don't run campaigns in California, it's futile, That state has been fully assimilated into socialism by their democratic overlords. Time to let CA go, it's no longer part of the USA, let's make it official.

  8. He did a rally here in Rio Rancho, NM, recently. I wish he would return to NM to knock some sense into our incompetent governor Michelle Lujan Grisham who refuses to build the wall, crack down on crime, and stop illegal immigration.

  9. The Dem’s are PROFOUNDLY allergic to TRUTH,.. ALL TRUTHS. 90% of the Dem’s NEED to go the WAY OF THE DINOSAURS,.. you know BECOME EXTINCT, NO MORE ANYWHERES.🐀Bstrds,.. 9 out of 10 of them.👎🐀👎🐀👎🐀👎

  10. Trump is the biggest bully bigot women hating piece of human waste and so un presidential in mt 60yrs i have ever seen..please the youth of America vote this man out of office before you are stuck with a monachary and not a free democracy..he wants to be a king and i can tell you hes a waste of skin

  11. Donald 'Buy American Hire American' Two Faces Trump gets 85% of his online clothing made in China and his daughter/wife gets all her products made overseas, mostly in China…hope no one over in China sneezes on Trumps Hoodies or Sweatshirts……….Mind you, he did say it be OK in April when it warms up, so y'all be safe after that…

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