Ingraham: A party of snobs

Bloomberg is revealing what he truly believes.

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42 thoughts on “Ingraham: A party of snobs

  1. No.. In fact lil' Mikey Bloomingidiotberg go f**k yourself.. You and the Communist Democrats are crying and pitching a fit because you are going to loose in 2020. You and Commie Bernie need to move to Russia and live out the rest of your miserable lives in a quaint little Dacha along the Black sea..

  2. Why don’t you Reps. Get some of your people and take a class action against these big mouths for deformation. Calling a person a drug addict is disgusting. People who vote for Trump are called idiots, racists,Deplorables,fools etc. now we are drug addicts. Wonderful and conservatives are the bigots??

  3. Isn't this clown Bloomberg exactly what the Dems stands for and wanna have as President????? Scary that they want a millionaire with NO policies just stupid comments, well,as the Dems say : "We have the good billionaires on our side" Jezzesssss pls buy me an election,,,,

  4. Well, I guess I'll expect a phone call in the next 5 minutes for taking the "N" out of SNOBS, it's S.O.B.s. The N word. These cowardly, weed-spun Deep C. officials of today, it gets no worse than them. look at all this disbelief, and resistance incarcerating those Hollyphony pedophiles.

  5. A darling of the right Jordan Peterson, says the same things as Bloomberg every day. Basically, lower IQ persons are having a tough time thriving in the information economy. Basically coal miners, farmers and truck drivers etc. will have a difficult time because their jobs can be done by machines and/or are obsolete. I'm not saying working people are morons, I'm just saying they need more education.The military doesn't even have jobs for the uneducated of the United States anymore.
    Learn to code.

  6. Wrong bloomturd. Law ènforcements job, is strictly to ENFORCE THE LAW. Including against your pảrties attempts to undo the cónstitution. If you think law enforcements job, is to carry guns. You havent gọt enough "grey matter", to lead anyone.

  7. Democrat party is a party of partition!they seemed to be possessing a crab mentality!they adopted a communist and now it wrecking them!officials of the party are embarrassing its rank and file that's why were are now voting trump in 2020!

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