THE SQUARE Movie Trailer (Official Documentary Release 2013)

Now in NYC through Nov 14:
and in LA area through Thurs Nov 8:
Sundance on Sunset:
Laemmle Monica 4:

The Square movie is a documentary about the Egyptian revolution behind the headlines. Follow a group of activists in Tahrir Square, risking their lives to build a new society of conscience.

A film by Jehane Noujaim – director of Control Room,, Egypt We Are Watching You, Rafea Solar Mama, and more.

Noujaim Films

Director: Jehane Noujaim
Screenwriter: Jehane Noujaim
Cast: Khalid Abdalla, Ahmed Hassan, Aida Kashef, Magdy Ashour, Ragia Omran, Ramy Essam, Aida El Kashef, Hosni Mubarak, Mohamed Morsi

WINNER 2013 Sundance Film Festival Audience Award for Best Feature Documentary
WINNER 2013 Toronto International Film Festival People’s Choice Award

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37 thoughts on “THE SQUARE Movie Trailer (Official Documentary Release 2013)

  1. Fucking terrible movie full idiots think they're absolute heroes, when really they will change absolutely nothing by running about trying to get arrested or shot. Even if they did manage to force a democracy country 95% of the problems would still be there, this would also encourage more breeding and within 100 years the country would be even more overpopulated and turn to an absolute shit hole. Forcing out a few dictators does absolutely fuck all and they get replaced instantly. The movie is an overly optimistic and extremely one side of the political spectrum which 100% unequivocally does not work at all. If you seriously think having the freedom to elect your own dictators will help then you are retarded, propaganda garbage. 0/10.

  2. Its an "Excellent" documentary!! Two major lessons that I learned from it are:
    i) Revolutions have a great tendency of getting "Hijacked".
    ii) Revolution doesn't require a leader. It "Conscience" of the people in action.

  3. Hahaha! There's talk about America turning like this, that we will soon be deprived from our rights. Haha! No sir, no man will every be strong enough to take on the worlds biggest super power. Haha! and there's also something people keep forgetting, America will never destroy its own soil with weapons and bombs, we will use force of police act and dis-ban all the rebels. No one can win, its just a matter of waiting. 

  4. I am god damn sick and tired of an American centred world, even with a doco like this. Where can I see it in my country?????????????????????????????????? I am not travelling to the US to see this

  5. It is good to know Mubarak is gone, if that is what the people in Egypt want. But what I don't understand is that if their popularly elected government ended up being overthrown, what was the point of it all. As of now, the Egyptian government is more repressive than ever, exemplified by the abuse Medea Benjamin suffered. 

  6. We need more of this. Muslim Brotherhood or not. We need to show OUR people that WE TOO can break free from oppressive murderers, even if it is for a few moments. We too, as Americans can live in solidarity and fraternity without murders and bankers lording power and resources over us. Americans need hard times, we've grown soft. We need to stop our armies from instigating conflict with good, honest, hard working people just like this. We CAN break free from both very physical and very violent people and govern ourselves. By the People, Of the People, For the People. And break from the psychological torture we underwent as children and adults. Competition is NOT A MEANS OF SUCCESS! Cooperation is. Sharing is caring, Motherf**ker!

  7. The eternal conflict between the army and  the Muslim Brotherhood buried the egyptian dream . The two poles use the blood of innocents people in order to occupy  the egyptian throne .  

  8. I just finished watching this on Netflix, one of the most powerful and moving documentaries I have ever seen. If you haven't watched it, stop reading comments and watch it on Netflix or here on YouTube.

  9. Why can't you Muslims enforce the concept of separation between Church/mosque and state and toleration of minority religions in your home countries? Only Turkey has does it and they have to enforce it by the military.

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