Barr fires warning shot at Trump in new interview

Attorney General Barr called out President Trump over his Twitter habits in a stunning rebuke just days after reversing his own department’s recommendation for …


43 thoughts on “Barr fires warning shot at Trump in new interview

  1. Barr isn't going to do diddly. Barr is the guy who cleans up the horse poop (or, in this case, elephant poop) at the end of the parade. That's all he's ever been, and all he'll ever be.

  2. Mr president can i make a press release that will make it look like you are not involved in legal matters sir? Great idea lets do it, those dumb people in the real world will never figure it out. You may kiss my ring.

  3. Obviously this was a mutually agreed upon "disagreement" concocted by Trump/Barr to make Barr appear independent. But, even though neither Barr nor Trump ever tell the truth & commit fraud every second of every day, CBS This Morning has fallen for it hook, line & sinker.

  4. Fuc every god damm traitor at the vile corrupt fake justice department the only good FBI agent is a dead one the rest should be prosecuted for treason the way the ignorance blatant crimes by the employees , they are the enemy of freedom and democracy and every American citizen

  5. That’s not a warning shot. It’s Barr at his best, lying through his teeth and keeping a straight face. Barr’s actions regarding Trump sycophants Stone and Flynn are unprecedented, with his interference being unethical and very likely illegal.

  6. CBS – When I heard what Atty Barr said about President Trump’s use of social ? media I knew the news media would take those words and run with them . I guess will have to listen to this nonsense over and over and over again until either you stop or the Democrats start another investigation which I wouldn’t put past them . Do me a favor stop the lies – How about doing some real news reporting about other things it’s going on in the world this obsession by news media of President Trump is disgusting and needs to stop!

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  8. How dare he criticize the Chosen One and his divine racism, bigotry and lies? Those are the drugs his follower zombies need to survive in this cruel world full of things they can't figure out with their sub-50 IQ points!

  9. "Doing our work with Integrity"…. Do you really believe that? If you do, you are blind, deaf, gullible and dumb. They are just very deceptive, cunnning, vengeful, and definitely, without integrity.

  10. The MEDIA can use T mental disease to out maneuver him. **If they praise and praise Barr for standing up to T, T will become furious and most likely fire him. This will end his corrupt relationship with Barr. 'Cut off T legs and arms to stop him.' He could not do these horrible things if there was no one to carry out his orders. Out smart him. Listen Media! The Dems could do the same thing to out wit T. Use your power!

  11. O yeah.. She Definitly slept with either his son or him for sure. Can someone tell me how this mf keep putting mfs is the white with no experience in politics and give them so much access to things not their mf business😠😡😎💯💯


  13. NO INDEPENDENT JUSTICE  !!   [for example:] The Justice Department inspector general report published on December 9, 2019 did not find McCabe engaged in politically biased actions against Trump. After the report was published, McCabe said being accused of treason and being subject to years of personal attacks from Trump was "quite honestly terrifying",
    particularly as Trump had insinuated the proper punishment should be the death penalty.   DEATH PENALTY!!   Without possibility of defence, without witnesses, without any proof, without …. AND who was complaining and wining about a kangaroo court?

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