Trump Goes Full Authoritarian in White House Video

–Donald Trump goes full authoritarian during a White House press avail, alluding to a possible Roger Stone pardon and suggesting James Comey should be in prison
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Trump’s Vocabulary & Speech are Deteriorating Rapidly:

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Broadcast on February 13, 2020

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29 thoughts on “Trump Goes Full Authoritarian in White House Video

  1. Wow.. seriously, what's the literacy rate in America!!?? And this a country stand's at the top and can't believe people are flocking to go to such a country!! Can't believe this sh*t.😰

  2. Listen dog drug addicts aren't even given 9 years for being addicted to a drug(s). So obviously Stone should just be given a traffic ticket. Maybe defensive driving course to rehabilitate and set him straight. It's a mess.

  3. It looks like someone took a shet and wipe it all over Trump's face. The color is uneven and looks horrible. As always. Someone needs to tell Trump that he looks uglier than hell with that batshit on his face. But the makeup does fit his fake identity, shoe lifts, fake hair, fake face color, false teeth.

  4. Im fearful that russia has already put plans in place to fix your next election. If Nostrodamus' predictions were correct. about the next anti-christ becoming the most powerful man in the world, trump fits the bill a bit too well sadly.

  5. Wow the turds doing ads before your show are saying that the Ukrainians created all this to sink Trumps campaign! What crap! He doesnt want Stone talking if he feels abandoned .

  6. I hope Americans have seen the truth now that the crooked and corrupt repub senators have "BETRAYED" their oaths to the constitution and let Traitor Trump off the hook for all the crimes he's committed! Trump and his turncoat repub followers in govt have just pulled a coup on American Democracy! They have given the traitor full Dictatorship power to do whatever he wants with no threat of reprisal! It's up to the American people to Impeach all these crooked repub politicians and remove them all from office before they turn America into a Totalitarian state like Russia!

  7. This would be a lot easier if you could listen in on all Trump's phone calls. You did it last election and still lost, so you really think you have a chance? Really? Logic tells me not a chance.

  8. Never though I say this but I am with Donald on this one ..the sentence is totally outrageous. I have seen people get killed on roads and the person who caused the death walks off with a hand slap ..or less

  9. He is a dog off the leash. He can and will do anything he wants. The GOP wants it that way because they protect and enable him. Congrats GOP on grinding up our republic and stomping on law and order.

  10. Yeah this criminal you don't see anything wrong with that but colonel venneman was doing his duty and what he was supposed to, he didn't narc on you he just went to his Superior, it was up to his Superior what to do after that so you're mad at the wrong person.

  11. America is being conned by a master conman and master manipulator, Donald Trump!
    Donald Trump, like Satan, would rather reign in hell than serve in heaven! If Donald Trump doesn’t make you angry, you don’t have a soul!

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