Stephanie Grisham on what to expect from Trump, Cuomo meeting

Gov. Andrew Cuomo and President Trump plan to meet and discuss a potential compromise with the administration after the Department of Homeland Security banned New Yorkers from enrolling in Trusted Traveler Programs; reaction and analysis from White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham. #FoxNews

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50 thoughts on “Stephanie Grisham on what to expect from Trump, Cuomo meeting

  1. What's the PANIC?

    It's about JUSTICE.

    3 AAA words.
    Aiding And Abetting.
    Arrogant Adolescent (redacted)holes.
    Alienation Ain't Allowed,
    Anymore, Around America;
    My home sweet home.
    Do it the right way; and avoid JUSTICE, doing it the RIGHT way to you.

    Clear and simple politics, defending the Constitution, and avoiding chaos at the kiosk.

    BUCKLE UP, and enjoy your flight or fight; from darkness, into the light.💡!

  2. All public officials take an oath of office to uphold their State Constitution as well as the U.S. Constitution and the laws of both State and Federal..the only way around Federal is for a State to Not accept any federal funding then they dont have to enforce federal laws. All State public employees, officers and public officials take the oath so any State with a sanctuary city is a vilolation of oath of office and those officials should be prosecuted and/or removed.

  3. The President is always truthful,he has done just what he said. I f the Democrats would grow up and do their jobs we could live a good life here.Thank you President Trump for doing what you say you will unless Nancy refuses to do her jobNancy I hear them say they they are making you do these dumb thing.Well there is a saying that says (To thine self be true). I don’t believe that anyone is making you do anything. It is impossible to make someone do what is against their principles.Only you can make you break your heart felt principles.🤑

  4. You motherfuking pwts don't you know that this is a propped up fuking propaganda news bulshit from the oligarch… wake the fuk up wake the fuk up wake the fuk up it's propaganda propaganda propaganda propaganda

  5. do u know how sanc cities started? oh wiz ones
    its a sore subject : immigration ……a topic that needs some changes
    polls are a joke…..I am not happy r u?
    Great USA Rules
    F russia get'em out our country and polls trump

  6. What to expect from the Cuomo brothers…are you kidding me? The most incredibly stupid, wacko,
    leftist insanity you've ever heard! The Governor will no doubt chime in with his own dumb $hit also.

  7. Being ILLEGAL in the USA is above the law and get TAX MONEY – Hard working Americans are TAXED enough already – got to VOTE TRUMP 2020 and vote out the Demu-COMMUNIST-Crats

  8. Democrats, please, please, please impeach the President again. Don’t be cowards, stand tall for what you believe. The more people see exactly what you believe, the better the country and even the world gets.

  9. It isn't just Trump. Due to the impeachment farce, everyone has had their attention away from their local politics. Extreme probability Democraps can take over the Senate (only 4 states and the possibility is strong). Should they do so, they may loose the presidency but they will absolute control. Do you know who is running for office(s) in your state? Very few do at this time and the republicans need support to allow Trump to finish his job and not have his accomplishments (nor our country) destroyed.

  10. To show you what utter hypocrites Democrats are – in 2006, Obama, Schumer, Pelosi, and the other Democrats, voted on a bill to fund 700 new miles of border barriers, and spoke of the need to stop illegal immigration! Hey Dumb-ocrats, how come a wall is immoral now, but not immoral in 2006 when you were all for it?

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