Man's racist rant about coronavirus and Chinese people caught on camera | USA TODAY

A woman says she felt under attack when a disorderly man began ranting about coronavirus and Chinese people. The rant was captured on video.
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44 thoughts on “Man's racist rant about coronavirus and Chinese people caught on camera | USA TODAY

  1. Thing is…its pretty much true. The chinese government are the ones who cause it though. Their government did release the coronavirus. Thats why they refused help from the U.S until it was an epidemic and they also killed the scientist who warned people of the threat along with the 2nd scientist as well.

  2. He knows little about history all he has to do is look at his own… He said only one thing that was very ture and some of you know what it is. but he needs to chill all the same.

  3. The fact that they kill animals brutally(unfortunately saw it in a video 😠😠😠) and eat .. Makes those things Facts not racist rant…I got zero sympathy for abusers.. It's called KARMA… If u gonna give shit.. Get ready to get some too…

  4. Welcome to REALITY where a filthy Communist government killed the doctor who originally told the public, it was NOT Chinese authorities who first blew the lid on this. This is NOT about Chinese people this is about their tyrannical system and how anyone with half a brain knows they are covering up real numbers and information. If this woman has recently been to China she should be LEGALLY segregated, sadly that would be in the FEMA camps being used at certain U.S. airports and military bases already.

  5. Honestly , hispanics from central American countries and American blacks in general are so ignorant. Just plain ignorant. Sex , drugs and voilence that's all they know and genertions are brought up in that culture alone. Sorry i just pity 'em. 🥱

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