Malacañang shrugs off Trump comment on VFA termination

While government officials, critics and experts are buzzing with concerns and opinions, the United States President Donald Trump on the other hand is not bothered by the scrapping of the Visiting Forces Agreement. Mr. Trump is even thankful for it. That’s contrary to what Duterte earlier said.


35 thoughts on “Malacañang shrugs off Trump comment on VFA termination

  1. Tama lang yung ginawa mo mr president, mayaman ang pilipinas makita mo basta walang dilawan na presidente,manindigan kayo AFP sa bansa natin na kailangan nating magbago dahil mula fake na edsa 40 years ang nasayang na panahon,kinalimutan ng mga dilawan na i modernize ang ating AFP ito Na ang araw na magpalakas tayo ng pwersa sa sarili nating kapabilidad

  2. its taken too long ..why still the philippines is not ready for self reliance on our own defense.parang nagaral ka ng college na di makatapos tapos even for 30 years….o tanga yung student o walang balk pa graduate noong mentors.

  3. Kakastress mga comments dito lalo na ng mga Pinoy,. hoy, mahiya kayo, pag anjan VFA kung ano ano sinasabi nyo, yan at terminated na, kung ano anong katarantaduhan nanaman dinadaldal nyo. Kakadiri kayo. Lets go, dali reply kayo dito tignan natin kung san dadalhin yang isasagot nyo sakin..

  4. mga dilawan nabahala mawla ang vfa bkit nong mawala ang subic naval base noon 1992 at nawala ang renta na million na dollar naghirap ba tayo? nagpahirap sa bansang ito ang mga magnanakaw na politicians..

  5. Enemy of the US is near? Wake up they are already here in mainland and was long ago controlling our islands how come they need us , Weird instinct you got there and you think you can prevent what happened before maybe we need them instead .

  6. Philippine Gov is allying with China , communists , human rights abuses, Dictatorship, Authoritarian control and opposing Western Republics, Freedom of the individual, Democratic Representation and Human rights. NOT COOL. will end with a complete takeover of Philippines by CCP first indirectly then directly. This is very bad for the people of the Philippines. Apathy towards an authoritarian regime will lead to untold suffering.

  7. Don't worry once we have a VFA with China they won't have to invade us with force. Might as well give the Chinese Military a base here along with a few islands since we have so many.

  8. ulul gagu! paki ni Trump sayo! Dugyot bobo, puppet ng instik!!! Dutae!!! Feelingero, kala mo maghahabol sayo US, tangina ka!!! Someday luluhod ka sa US hihingi ka tulong!!! Thanks sa Corona Virus Duterte!!! Tangina mo!!! Dala ng mga tropa mong instik!!!

  9. Noong umalis ang US bases sa ating bansa nagkagyera ba sa pinas? Possible bang magkagyera ngayong wala na ang VFA? Masama ba sa isang bansa na magsusumikap tumayo sa sariling paa? Hindi ba masarap tumira sa isang bansang Malaya?kapag ang kapwa pilipino ang umaapak sa ating karapatan matutuwa ba tayo? Makakabuti ba sa ating bayan na habang buhay na lang sunod sunoran sa ibang bansa?

  10. Uses foreign relations as personal leverage. Goes home embarrased when he finds out he's not as important as he thought himself to be. Now it's time to go back to his Chinese masters like an obedient dog.

  11. Did he get the approval or opinions or inputs of the Senate, Congress and the Pilipino citizens in general about this bold move. America has been the Philippines close ally and biggest trading partner for a very long time. I'm afraid the Philippines is not totally ready yet to defend its country militarily compared to other neighboring countries.

  12. For the last time we are not going to be a communist country! Duterte even knows that. He is just trying to avoid arguments with China that the Yellowtards created. While handeling some idiot Politicains on the otherside of the world. Dont blame Trump blame his people that might be lackeys with the Yellowtards.

    Just remember who has to deal with all the shitty problems, huh? Not us, but him! Thank you ungreatfull and stupid Pinoys for beign naive idiots.

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