Why Buccaneers should move on from Jameis Winston | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

Peter King and Mike Florio make the case for the Buccaneers to look for an upgrade at quarterback with Jameis Winston now a free agent. #NBCSports …


28 thoughts on “Why Buccaneers should move on from Jameis Winston | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

  1. Winston is the Trump of the nfl. MEDIA BIAS! Never mention/acknowledge the positives, focus on the negatives. Coaching, o line, running game, defense, fg kicking never brought up when talking about Winston. But the media will bring up those factors with every other qb!?!?

  2. The Patriots would be smart to get him. They have a running game. Get him some offensive weapons. Odell possibly? Jameis needs to be in an offense where there is a good offensive line and he got a good running game. Yes he needs to start turning over the ball, but as a Bucs fan they need to be more balanced on offense. They dont have no running game. The Bucs havent had a running game since his rookie year. And that year he made the pro bowl. To me thats not only on the qb but thats coaching as well. U pass on Dalvin Cook to draft Oj Howard and u have Cam Brate who u just signed to a 6 year 40+ million deal. Thats the front office and coaching. U have to be more balanced on offense. U take away 100-120 attempts those turnover come down at least by 10 interceptions

  3. Unless you get a better offensive line and skill players around him you will never know his true potential.Maybe he's anxious when he plays because he knows the only thing his o-line can protect is a donut shop.

  4. You for the Last 5 Years in Tampa it's been a quarterback situation we have the weapons in place to make it to the playoffs.. cam Newton is the answer to our problems and get a couple different offensive lineman we will win the playoffs and beat the Saints

  5. I wish people talked about my programming career the way they talk about NFL quarterbacks. "Yea his code broke the server 30 times, but he writes it faster than anyone else. He has potential."

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