Why a Trump insider is heading to prison over an Australian drug company | Four Corners

On a summer’s evening, a picnic was being held on the lawn of the White House with President Trump and his inner circle. It should have been a day of celebration, but as the TV cameras filmed the mingling guests, a Republican Congressman and prominent Trump ally was pacing up and down on his phone. He’d just discovered his multi-million-dollar investment in an obscure Australian biotech firm was about to tank.

Congressman Chris Collins was a long-time investor and board member of a Sydney-based company engaged in therapeutic drug development. On that fateful evening, he received confidential information that a crucial drug trial had failed, and his investment was at risk. What happened next would destroy his career and land him in prison.

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36 thoughts on “Why a Trump insider is heading to prison over an Australian drug company | Four Corners

  1. Australia has always been the place where the cabal has laundered money and so is New Zealand. Common knowledge for those that look. Only think this is the only one going down. Oh my it is going to get exciting and watch when many on the other side fall OMG but 4 corners will not be reporting on it. This guy is a nobody he doesn't have that much money compared to others who are going down, they have a lot more money than this, his crimes are nothing much at all. Half a million is nothing compared to what Australia donated to the Clinton foundation just for starters and those involved in the donations oh my. Those who play on the stock market should know it is as good as gambling on horses. So 4 corners where is the report on the real important juicy stuff there is tons of it. This only went to become something and reported on because this persons political alignment. The bias is so easy to see from this lot.

  2. Four Corners is incredible. Love their approach and spectacular ability to tell these real stories. And if anyone from Australia is watching- please know that we’re aware we have a criminal enterprise in the WH. Normal people are, not the fat white meth-heads snarling at those terrible rallies. He’ll be indicted the moment he’s no longer president and that is why he fights every single day. That’s why he’s so anti-FBI and the non-trump Department of Justice. We apologize for the smudge-mark king trump’s reign is leaving in history and on NATO relations.

  3. President Trump answers for himself and no one else, same as Chris Collins and you and me. We do our research – or not – and we make decisions therefrom — or not. Win or lose. Playing by the rule of law is encouraged.

  4. You know when things are totally effed up when the state fails to provide the protection to its population and claims to help by getting more people to arm and protect themselves .

  5. It's all there in the title. A tRump insider…
    Looks like tRump will be issuing another pardon.
    And as I write this, I get the idea that these rich 'friends' probably have to pay for these pardons. Not to the government obviously, more like tRumps off-shore bank account.

  6. This kind of corruption is common place in Washington, nothing ever changes when it comes to our
    government it is business as usual. Even when one of those corrupt politician gets caught the injustice
    dept. is always lenient on them. Look at what our government is doing to a innocent man Julian Assange.
    This should enrage every American citizen seeing this, but the average American is totally complacent

    and oblivious to all the corruption that is happening in plain sight. And the few journalist who reports the

    truth is either totally ignored or is blacklisted or forced to resign. I am so sick and tired of our government
    with all of it's bullsh _ t, corruption and crimes I sometimes wish a meteor would come down on the
    white house and put us all out of our misery.

  7. Quite interesting nothing what so ever to do with Trump they’ve just used his name as click bait the guinea pigs who loved the drug and felt brilliant on it were not believed and ACIC and our regulartory branches are useless and Australia is a haven for white collar crime Can not wait for the story they do on The Obama administration the most corrupt government in the history ofAmerica they could begin now on Joe Biden his son John Kerry his son Nancy Pelosi and her son Lets see if those stories happen

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