Trial Bombshell: Trump Insider Sides With Bolton On Ukraine, Implying Trump Is Lying | MSNBC

As Trump’s impeachment defense team wraps up their arguments, Sen. Mitch McConnell huddles with his caucus over witnesses. MSNBC Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber reports on a pivotal day in the Trump Trial, the “complications”, the drama over John Bolton and why some GOP senators appear to be breaking from Trump. Aired on 1/28/2020.
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Trial Bombshell: Trump Insider Sides With Bolton On Ukraine, Implying Trump Is Lying | MSNBC


48 thoughts on “Trial Bombshell: Trump Insider Sides With Bolton On Ukraine, Implying Trump Is Lying | MSNBC

  1. Bolton tell it all. You know what is Right. You can save the USA from 4 more years of us having a President who really does not belong to reside in OUR HOUSE. He is not presidential material. What President talks about Women that way and people with disabilities and laughing about it. He is disgusting. Shame on him. And women who vote for him are disgusting as well. Just ignorant.

  2. Follow the almighty dollar……keep printing fake money to prop up a fake market…..It's all ok…we always do this-Future will not be an accident….we never saw THIS coming or…did we? Correct! It does matter and that is the sad part.

  3. On one side, we have people who don't like the messenger but listen to the message. On the other side, people who only listen to the people they "like". The results? Decent people who have never mentioned – or grabbed – women's genitals in public are relying on foulmouthed liars to tell them what to think … and decent people who think Bolton is an awful person are listening to the truths he's telling. Which group did your parents want you to be part of? And which group is more like your first heroes?

  4. This is a suicide decision for Senators…
    Side with trump will lose your upcoming
    Side with your voters…
    You get a angry , threatening trump
    Either way your dead.
    Sad day in America

  5. Good old Moscow Mitch will get a great big bag of cash from some corrupt donors & have a meeting to pass out the big bucks & all these republicans will fold for Trump. They are all corrupt & it's all about the money.

  6. Ari melber mentioned One is the Loneliest Number that was by Three Dog Night They also sang Joy to the World and that will be in 9 months when Trump is voted out of office

  7. LOOK!… ERIC GARNER IS DEAD OVER A LOOSE CIGARETTE LAW… NOW, USE THE CHECKS AND BALANCES AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT "TRUMP!" As a citizen, I am NOT comfortable with this "israeli" in the, Oval Office, of MY country!…
    They are going to accuse me of "anti-semitism;" ( the one size fits all accusation;) but just take a look at the video "Racism In Israel," where a "rabi" say's. "Racism is good, if it protects, Israel!" Besides, how can the "israelis" residing in, AMERICA, support "trump" who disrespects the "Laws" and "Protocols" of OUR, Constitution, and sides with a known foreign body??!…
    Currently, "israel" is getting $3.8 billion dollars/yr. for a 10 year cycle from, U.S…. They should NOT be supporting him!… "israel" is SUPPOSED to be SUCH A GOOD FRIEND to, America,…THEN SHOW IT!…
    I'm NOT being paid $15,000/month as N.D.A. (None Disclosure Agreement) bribe money, so, I can point out these things out about those who would do harm to, America,…MY HOME!… Remember the, U.S.S. in, 1964,…
    Disclaimer: I am NOT being "anti-semitic"…just truthful; besides I as one individual, I don't know enough "israelis" to be anti-semitic"… I just don't like "trump" as president of the, United States!…MY home!… "You know a man by the company he keeps."

  8. 04:55 If the citizenry doesn't like the president's tweets, we should just ignore his tweets? If Congress doesn't like his tweets, they should ignore them? The job of every citizen is to pay attention to the president's public communications, regardless of their vile, odious tone. We are morally obliged to be privy to the hostile work environment he maintains for the employees he targets, even though his abusiveness adversely affects us as well. That is our job, Mr. Dershowitz, as you well know.

  9. Aren't these lawyer clowns defending Trump embarrassed that their children and grandchildren will see them acting like idiots defending a psychopath? How embarrassing.

  10. I think the I think the people should know what he have done whatever he have done to United States of America we need to know yes they need to sit with this in so we can see what went on we should have a say so in it when you do wrong you need to be paid for it he's working with the United States of America not only his life all our lives so if he done the things that y'all say he have done we seen them cuz he tweet too much don't know president tweet like he do he don't know how to do nothing but still hotels he don't know nothing about nothing else he cheated his way into being the president so cheat his way out I love him because I love God but God going to hear and answer our prayers and get him out of the the White House and put us some one that cares about the United States of America

  11. Everything matters I've been looking at it since day one bring him down they know he's doing wrong thing how can you hold somebody that helping other phone and different countries when have we ever went out our country to help other people out and these days doing something for us Donald Trump is greedy he all he think about is money money don't rule the world we rule the world cuz we live in and we have to have money to spend but as long as you rich you good with him but what you poured you don't want to have nothing to do with us but that's ain't how the world works the Lord said the poor will be first and the rich will be last I'm going on the word of the Lord he the one who hold the Whole World in His Hands just believe in the Lord he's going to hear us cry out for help from him Donald Trump is not a good man and everybody know that even the Republicans knows that he's not a good man they test in his Corner because he's paying them but the Lord God hear and answer prayer for us and get him out of office and take you behind to jail like everybody else he do not want to give his taxes up because if we didn't get my taxes up they go take it from us regardless how it work

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