41 thoughts on “Shark, me, salt on table, 2019

  1. I feel like when you consider the visual distortion you’d have from the water IRL, this is bordering on photo realism.. the dimensions of the shark are just so perfect.
    I’m really amazed

  2. When I’m bored at a restaurant, I just keep twirling and untwirling the straw wrapper around my finger. But you do you. 😉

  3. Hell of a brain u’ve got there, Blank. Mostly in awe but a little jealous. I’d say abt 90/10. Wait…yeah, abt 90/10. Kinda confusing. Well done

  4. Damn this is impressive!!! I love it when people can take slightly off beat mediums and turn it into something so amazingly lifelike.

  5. A truly moving commentary on the ephemerality of life and death. The artist’s chosen media – salt and wood – sets up a thoughtful juxtaposition of the deep sea, unknowable and unnerving, with the familiarity-verging-on-banality of cut, planed and varnished wood. The piece asks us to consider our fears, and examine the structures of value and mortality beneath them, as the grain of the table shows through the very flesh of the shark. Doing so, we may see that we live in a world where even the very real and visceral fear of prey succumbing to a predator feels unimportant; and if death is no more tangible to us than a pile of salt, what is there to fix life in place for us?

  6. Server: that dick bag left a massive pile of sa…

    Server: whoa wtf! Guys check this shit out!

    As a former server/bartender this would be awesome to find. Worth the waste and the initial misplaced disappointment of a customer leaving an unnecessary mess. 10/10

  7. Im not trying to annoy you with a “have you seen this artist comparison” …but if you do this kind of work, maybe you’ve seen, or will be inspired by the work of Vic Muniz. Check him out, some of it is pretty mind bending and might spark some ideas for you to work with. COOL SHARK!

  8. While this is really amazing, “shark, me, salt on table” made me giggle. This is art. This is post-post-modern art naming.

  9. Wow, amazing! The top half of the shark looks like you can see the rippling of light over it’s body. Great work! What did you use to push around the salt? Because I can see some pretty fine work on the sharp teeth.

  10. Man I’m pretty sure some millionaires would pay good money to have this made for them, just not in salt.

    Amazing piece, had no idea this was a thing or even possible

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