Watch President Trump's full speech at the Davos World Economic Forum

President Donald Trump spoke at the Davos World Economic Forum in Switzerland about his agenda as president, the state of the economy, the U.S.-China trade deal, and more.

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37 thoughts on “Watch President Trump's full speech at the Davos World Economic Forum

  1. What a time to be alive, to see the NWO/Deep state empire fall after 100's of years controlling governments. Finally the NWO cabal is going down in flames infront of our very eyes. WWGAWG1.

  2. Thank God in heaven we elected DJT instead of HRC. The anti American globalists are so close to establishing control of our country, we can not afford to lose any more battles. The impeachment scam is a harsh example of how close to the precipice we stand. Corrupt politicians are working to gain veto power over our choice for president.

  3. Wages are no increasing for those at the lower levels. My expenses have gone up and my income reduced. And why is he not talking about the number of factories closing under his admin. Stocking market increases only boosts the income of top earners.

  4. To all the morons who say its slower on purpose, its the exact same video than the one on the WH YT channel! How stupid you have to be to not even see that! 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  5. His best speech in a while. Globalists should be rounded up and detained permanently. They love communism so much, they can live their with their descendants until the end of time.

  6. I thought Trump was a POS when he first became president, I was so wrong and as it turns out, Trump is the most rational world leader and is actually looking out for his people unlike the Trudeau's of the world trying to destroy their countries own sovereignty in small acts of treason that when added up, equal economic damnation. Trudeau and the rest of his team should be hu.g

  7. The Swamp creatures and all marionetes Dems MOB are showing up! This make the President job easier to clean up once forever!  Now or never!  Vote Dems Deep State OUT!

  8. Set on Speed 1.2x
    I have real joy watching his parrot body moves, he looks like a kid speaking when you put sound down.
    And if all what he says is true , keep feeding him with applauses like any kid would be happy to receive. This traumatized kid needs the embracement

  9. Yess Trump is great. First the trees planting then the preservation of animal species and protect the forest then reduce the slaughter and wastage of food meanwhile saving the homeless. Trump is a great human! My country communism has been taking lands from their people for years and destroying family business for their self gain and not help the homeless nor the the babies dumped on the streets. Most of those that help these kids are Buddhists Monks, Trump wasn’t afraid to say the corruption in my country. Everyone needs to know the truth about every country’s corruption. We need Christianity and Buddhism everywhere in the world so we can unite as one loving world.

  10. He sounded like reading tables from
    Wikipedia after a 30-hour shift. Horrible speech, monotonous and boring! Facts need to be checked, but at the rate he‘s going, I‘m expecting 75% lies. What a joke this man is

  11. He inherited a growing economy with decline government debt from Obama. Now, he is spending big money he does not have pushing American people/government in record debt to keep that going while his policies like the tax breaks for the rich showing zero effect and the fight with China slow down growth. It is easy to have a decent economy when you spend money you do not have; it is fake like everything about this man. Remember, almost all of his business venture went bankrupt, too.

  12. President Trump has screwed his supporters. All Trump cares about is blowing the stock market bubble bigger. Candidate Trump:
    "The stock market is one big fat ugly bubble" (This is when the DOW was at 18,000 and now at 28,000). Now Trump is demanding lower interest rates and more QE to blow the bubble bigger. QE is welfare for the rich. Candidate Trump: "Real unemployment is 25%, some say 40%." Now Trump says we have the lowest unemployment in the history of our Nation. Let me make myself clear. Trump was elected to raise interest rates and normalize the economy. Trump was elected to re-instate the Free Market economy. If Trump continues the high inflation policies of the Obama / Bernanke Presidency, then we need to elect a Socialist President to Tax the rich to pay for the on going Socialism, Fascism and Communism of the Federal Reserve Banking system.

  13. Best president in my lifetime. He is the hope and change I thought I was voting for in 2008, but I was severely disappointed by a con man instead. Trump is the real deal.

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