Jim Jordan on joining Trump's defense team: All the facts support the president

White House counsel Pat Cipollone has put together a great team and we’ll do whatever we can to help the president, says Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan, ranking member of the House Oversight Committee.

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48 thoughts on “Jim Jordan on joining Trump's defense team: All the facts support the president

  1. I am starting to think Donald held that aid temporarily to ruffle the D feathers, get them talking about Quid Pro Quo so they could Expose Quid Pro Joe, Hunter, Pelosi and her son and the Obama corruption in Ukraine.. get it out in the public consciousness so when they evidence comes out it's easier for those still asleep to accept the Truth..
    Deep State is projecting their crimes on Trump.

  2. i thought nadlers turn at running things went way into the night.. then he held everybody over on for the 15 minute vote on the next day just to spoil their vacation travel time

  3. Amazing how they can all keep a straight face when they say there was no crime. Jim Jordon is good at denial and turning a blind eye to corruption. Just ask former OSU athletes

  4. Patently clear where this Martha woman's loyalties lie. She almost demands Witnesses be called in the Senate trial. She ignores the fact that this us not the job of the Senate to prove the case for impeachment. Why didn't the Dems call these same witnesses during THEIR 'enquiry? The reason us simple.. TTheyo do so they would have to issue subpoenas and make it an OFFICIAL enquiry. THIS would have given Subpoena powers to the GOP also…and that is precisely what they wanted to avoid. The b'stards want the Senate to do their job
    We have overwhelming evidence has been their mantea sunce dat one…but they have utterly failed to produce it.. Blaming thd other side for obstruction. Well issue SUBPOENAS. But they won't

  5. Gym jordan ,pedophile enabler, could only get air time on fake fox news. Ohio should be ashamed to have elected him and pres bone spurs. "Ridiculous "…..is that trump blocked all documents and testimony by witnesses , is "in love with kim jung un ", shamelessly kisses putins , erdogans and mohammid bin salamons asses.

  6. It is so sad to watch this happen to America. I see the President doing what he said he would do and I am grateful we have someone that keeps their word. The swamp is dragging this out while fighting for their lives and I believe the people can see this. Would we be better off with Hilary, Biden or ? The people will decide this in 2020 not some foolish showboating. The Dems are terrified Mr. Trump will return as President and drain this swamp.

  7. I am an Outsider.I am from India.I have never seen a world leader like Trump who work day in day out for the betterment of his country.He really love america.I seriously wish we have a leader like Trump.I feel like giving a tight Indian slipper slaps on the face of some of the democrats leaders..haha soo crazy lunatic trying to impeached Trump.They belong to Asylum..lmao

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  9. Sic semper tyrannis. The left will fall as they deserve. We will not be denied our rights as guaranteed by the Bill of Rights. Law will prevail over the lawlessness of the left

  10. Take a good look around. This is Socialism. Kangaroo courts, Star chambers, reeducation camps and gulags. How was the investigation in the house any different than what what happened to Sir Walter Raleigh?

  11. The only time Evil will prevail is if good people do nothing.. very evident in WW 2 .. the democratic Party is a fascist party and always has been.. They must be crushed and thrown out of office for all times

  12. Trump is a very good president: he helped our economy, is good at foreign policy, he helps Israel, making JerUSAlem the capital of that country; in the future, Israel or JerUSAlem and who’s allied with and aiding them is all that’s going to matter.

  13. I’m so glad Jim is on this team! The president has a great strong team supporting him! The democrats have continued to lie and twist their case and we the people are confident that their crimes and schemes will be shut down!

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