Flip Globalist Flat World over and see what you get in the Free Trader world.

Flip the Flat World of the Globalist Free Traders over and see what you get.

1. The USA has gone through the most massive dislocation of jobs in its history. Both President Clinton and President Bush proclaimed prosperity while millions were fired.

2. Today, stocks grow in value when workers are fired instead of hired. They call this an increase in productivity. In the past, stocks gained in value when companies were able to hire more people while continuing to show a profit. Now is it cut and run with the profits no matter what happens to the people or the society. Adam Smith held labor as something sacred and as the core of any society.

3. A new working poor class has been created.

4. The middle class keeps shrinking

5. The homeless are shunted. Many work but do not make enough to afford housing.

6. The need for emergency food keeps breaking records. The food bins in suburban churches that once served the inner cities, now serve many in the suburbs.

7. Free Trade is not trade. It is primarily about moving production and factories from place to place based on the cheapest labor markets of the world. The main commodities are workers who are put on a world trading block to compete with one another down to the lowest levels of wage slave and even child labor.

8. High technology now is a tool of Globalization where one must be computer literate to qualify for just a working poor or impoverished worker jobs. In the past, we were told we should be prepared for more leisure time with computers taking over. The only ones that have more leisure time today are the millions of unemployed and underemployed.

9. Even if everyone in the world was provided a good education, high technology skills an a computer, it would not do anything good, if everyone has to compete for the same jobs. In the past, it was the factory foremen who took the young off the streets and taught them a skill. In return, the young were able to get married, have children, buy a home and help their children go to college. And usually only one spouse had to work. We should keep in mind that it was the American workers in an powerful industrial setting that won World War 2.

10. The PC computer is now a core of the class room but what good is it as a $200 throw away item.

if it seldom creates any value more than the $200 for most people. In fact it is robbing many people in time and money with millions of scams.

11. Local value added economies are being chopped up and the pieces are shipped around the world. The money spent at retail does not re-generate back down several levels to the raw product level, but now the money quickly fans out to where the products are made and where the investments reside. We have chopped up the Golden Goose that lays the Golden Eggs.

12. A “Walmartising” of America is taking place where workers need more and more government and private assistance to survive.

13. At the same time the working poor are asked to support those on pensions especially those who are public workers, although they will never have a pension themselves. They also pay taxes that support research and development projects where the production phase goes outside the country. In the end, they are paying their way out of more potential jobs. The payroll tax has become a flat tax on the poor with about 67% paying more in payroll taxes than in income taxes. In any tax cuts, this tax is ignored even though the revenues from the payroll taxes are used the same way as income taxes are to pay the ongoing federal bills.

14. The Federal Pension Insurance is going broke trying to keep up with all the company pension plans going broke. Workers without pensions have to pay for this loss too.

15. We have latch key children forced to live without their parents with both parents working long hours. We have many parents who have more than one job at a time. The parents meet each other to just say goodbye as they pass by each other going from one job to another.

16. The U.S. prison population keeps breaking records and many in prisons are now working for private companies for practically nothing. Many are in prison because they could not find a job on the outside.

17. The unemployment rate reporting is not the same as it was in the past when it was based only full time jobs. Today only about 38% of all workers qualify for unemployment insurance while a low unemployment rate is reported. Today a single mother making only a $100 dollars a month is counted as employed. The Bureau of Labor Statistics calls 50,000 households a month to get the unemployment rate. They ask the person if they were looking for a job in the previous month. If they say no, they are counted as employed. If a person says they were working on the family farm or in a family business at no pay while they were looking for a job, they are also counted as employed. Up to 40 million are missing in action from any kind of reporting. The Getting America Working forum says 50% of all human resources in the USA are not being used.

18. The Trade Deficit keeps breaking records as it has for many years. Dysfunctional Globalists say that this not that important, but the bottom line shows we are buying much more than we are selling and no business can last very long under these conditions.

19. Personal and business bankruptcies keep breaking records and one would think this should bottom out but it has not. Now, we find that 39 percent of all over 45 have declared bankruptcy in their lives.

47 percent of small business people have maxed their credit lines to keep their business afloat.

20. Time Magazine tells us many Americans are going abroad for surgery because they can not afford it in the USA.

21. In cities like Cleveland and New York, about 30 percent are living in poverty with the number of children living in poverty much higher than that.

22. In Atlanta, a friend gave us a tour of the city and he took us through all parts of the city except one. He says it was too dangerous to travel through that section. It must have been really bad because we drove through some third world type neighborhoods instead. Atlanta’s statistics were also cooked to attract the Olymics. Most other major cities are the same.

23. In recent years there has been business growth in some sectors. Temporary work, casual day labor and contract worker offices have dramatically increased. So have the Pay Day Loan stores charging usury interest rates.

24. In Mexico, just south of the border, women workers are awarded for their hard work with large shipping containers to live in.

25. Finally, here is a story to chew on related to Al Gore, a Globalist Free Trader. In Mexican towns there are small eateries. The food comes to the table directly from harvest or slaughter. There is very little refrigeration required. There is not need for packaging. There are no long haul trucks needed to bring in the food. It is about as ecologically streamlined as you can be. Yet these small eateries and small farms are being put out by Globalization. And the Reader Digest reports that an average meal travels about 1200 miles to reach our dinner table. How can the overhead of long haul shipping, refrigerated trucks and needed protective packaging compete with local producers? In our super markets, many items consist of more packaging than the contents – there is more paper and plastic than food. Someone should ask Al Gore about this. His green earth is turning gray because Globalist Free Traders are Disyfunctional from the get go. They use impoverished workers as their tool for Globalization which transport the products around the world from polluted factories. Many workers in these factories do not make enough money to buy the very things they make. Reportedly, if everyone in the world consumed as much as we do in America, it would take five worlds to support this volume of consumption.

Here is another contradiction from the Dysfunctional Globalists. Walmart, Home Depot and other big box stores are promoting the energy saving light bulbs. One says replacing a certain number of bulbs, is like taking 70,000 cars off the highways. However they do not tell us how far the light bulbs travel and how much protective packaging is required. 90 percent of these bulbs are made in China. They have to come a long way and use up a lot of energy just getting here. Furthermore, like all flouresent bulbs, these bulbs need mercury to work. The first question is to ask is this – what is the environment where these bulbs are made. What pollution controls and safety measures are in place in China. There are no walls up in the sky to protect us from dirty manufacturing in other countries. Also, what happens when these bulbs break or are discarded. One report says it cost a family $2000 to clean up the mercury in their child’s bedroom after it was broken. Who cleans it up in the garbage dumps ?

Someone should ask Al Gore or Hillary Clinton, both Globalist Free Traders, about this.

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Source by Ray Tapajna

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