Banish Belly Success Stories – What They Have to Say

Here are success stories in their own words. The health benefits, the time it took and how did they follow this miracle technique to banish belly and at the same time lost weight. The technique that does not promote any special nutrients, vitamins, hormones, drugs or special equipment which have become part of the billion dollar weight loss industry.

Dr. Pam M reports that My personal experience with the technique has been so profound that I now recommend it to each of my patients. I have observed an increasing ability to achieve balanced health.

I remember one patient who came to me for menopausal complaints – night sweats, depression, weight problem, and chronic constipation.

During one of her visits, she mentioned that she was considering hypnosis for her negative emotional state. At this point I suggested she practices the technique . As much as I tried to explain to this very intelligent woman, she was ‘stuck’ on the idea of hypnosis. It was only after I explained the cost-effectiveness, she agreed and is ‘free’ from her physical and mental problems for the rest of her life.

Ms. Cathrine Larssen says, I used to be regularly bothered by ‘acid stomach’ (stress ulcer tendency) and was dependent on medication to relieve this condition. I would have bouts of great pain and require acid-neutralizing medicines to be able to function normally. Since I learned to practice the technique, I have not suffered from this condition. It is completely gone! No medication needed!

I’d also like to add that I have never been as healthy in my entire life as I have been these last three years since started practicing this simple technique. I don’t even catch the regular colds anymore!

Despite a successful career and loving friends, I had been extremely depressed and very suicidal off and on for about four years, says senior sales Executive, Silicon Valley, California. I attempted to avoid the pain by abusing drugs and alcohol, and I developed other addictions including over-eating that made me obese.

After learning the technique, I am glad to be alive. My drug, alcohol, and other addictive behaviors have all dissolved – not from any therapy … simply from this simple practice and my weight is back to normal.

I began food addiction at age ten and abused food for seventeen years, says Janine Hughes, Canonsburg, Pennsylvania. I almost died of obesity related complications but still could not stop. I also had many emotional problems, had been in therapy for twenty-three years, and had been through four drug and alcohol treatment centers. This has been a lifelong struggle for me. You can’t imagine the continual battle.

I credit this technique for transforming my life and giving me the tools to stay healthy.

I suffered from Crohn’s disease (chronic inflammation of the intestines), says Gregor Spindler, Liubljana, Slovenia. I was hospitalized for ten days and was treated with Salofalk (3 x 750 mg.)for this gastrointestinal disorder. Two months later I was switched to Madroc, and another two months later I returned to work.

Little over a year after the disease development, I took this simple technique. My physical condition still wasn’t particularly good, and 5 month later, I had a second outbreak of the disease and was again hospitalized. Treatment the first two weeks was absolute fasting, with infusion, analgesics, and hydrocortisone. I returned home after four weeks. The doctors proclaimed my treatment to be a miracle, because the prognosis had been 6-8 months of hospital treatment, plus 4-6 months of ‘at home care’.

Although I am not yet completely healed, my physical condition is good. Since learning the technique, my health has varied considerably, yet it improves slightly week by week. I believe it may not cure my disease but has kept me comparatively much healthy.

I lost 22 pounds (10 kilograms) in 60 days (around 5 kilograms in 30 days) doing “Kapalbhati Pranayam” 15 minutes in the morning. And also I didn’t have to diet for that just that eat healthy, hygienic, says Vivek Mehta.

Source by Dr S. S. Dhillon

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