How To Download Movies Using uTorrent

!!This video is for educational purposes. I am not responsible for what happens to you!!
I am not supporting this as it is illegal. This video is just to show you how to do it.
Do this at your own risk.
I also will not show anyone how to download games for free

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Please tell me if you want me to make a video on how to do something.

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Websites to download movies:

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29 thoughts on “How To Download Movies Using uTorrent

  1. i've already downloaded it and it finished downloading, now how can i watch the movie? i click on it they show me a page of i don't know what maybe downloads page, how can i watch it?

  2. in this site can idownload games and other things                                                                and pain gain in hindi is not downloading.this movie by rockwwe.
    and give my answer fastly

  3. I have utorrent but when I try to get something, utorrent dowsnt come up. Something called "dowlite" comes up asking me to download that. How do I make Utorrent my primary downloader? "assicoate with torrents" under preferences can not be clicked on. Don't know what else to do

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