Hannity: Dems try to derail impeachment trial with last-minute smear campagn

Democrats look to Lev Parnas as a last-minute bombshell witness.

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41 thoughts on “Hannity: Dems try to derail impeachment trial with last-minute smear campagn

  1. Lev is Trump's bad boy on ground. Lev, yet another associate and criminal trump employed but Putin paid for, was scared Trump would get rid of him like he was trying with Marie yavonovitch. "She will go through some things," trump threatened. Lev's 100s of photos with crime boss trump are rather scary for hannity, soon to be jailed. Trump, hannity and stone should share jail cell with ashes of trumps best bud Epstein. The clown show would be a marvel to watch.

  2. God bless voices like Senate Collins judge Jeanine Pirro Jim Jordan McCarthy Jason Trey senator from beautiful Florida Blackburn Laura Sara Hannity Tucker Nunes Elder Candace Owens 🤩😁😇💯😍🤗

  3. People are constantly wanting to know why some of these democrats are still walking free. Well it’s simple. Reguardless of rather your a democrat or a republican there is a code they go by. When it comes to being subject to the law they don’t let either side be susceptible to punishment. Only way that is happening is if we take matters into our own hands. The president can’t do it all. He has exposed it and fought them and now it is our jobs to make sure they are held accountable. As long as we sit back and do nothing this 3 ring circus will continue.

  4. People are going to go to jail, Guantanamo bay even some ppl should be hung allot of ppl, that times coming soon, I hope you pussies can stomach the executions. TIMES ALMOST UP TRAITORS!

  5. So Chelsea Clinton married Marc Mezvinsky at the George Soros' mansion. Marc's dad helped impeach Nixon who he called a crook. Later on he went to prison for ripping people off for 10 million bucks and still owes them 9.4 million. I wonder how Nancy got that huge mansion with enormous gates around it on her income and spending habits? Look also at who has their kids into businesses that the Dems Green new Deal will hire if elected. Yep Nancy, and several Dems kids that could profit multi millions. Just saying folks.

  6. I mean Trump wants us to believe EVERYONE is lying 🤥 when it’s about him !!! Like every story is a lie even with pictures and video…. there’s got to be a smarter Republican…. like the crazy stuff you have to say to defend him is stupid… y’all should just get behind another republican

  7. I told you ONCE before , the left communist DEMOCRATIC PARTY WANTS to bring AMERICA DOWN to her knees. The communist DEMOCRATIC PARTY ARE working for communist RED CHINA and Russia to do it. If the communist PARTY can get President Trump out of office, they will put a communist in office again. Then our jobs, our constitution, our DEMOCRACY, guns, and all of our rights.

  8. I don't want millions I just want my tax dollars back. What a waste. I bet those pens cost us taxpayers more then I make in a year and probably the demoshits kids owns or sits on the pen company board, so corrupt.

  9. I bet if we find out how long it took to make those pens, and then see it was the same time it was to send the articles.
    They had to wait for the pens to be made.
    Who says they don't plan?

  10. Brennan is the worse snake that has ever been appointed to a government. HE HAS THE REST of the scum beat by a country mile. HE ought to be the leading example of a life in prison sentence.

  11. Before 2016, I was unsure that a reality show egotistical billionaire could be a good president. The Democrats continue to prove, beyond a doubt, that Donald Trump is very capable of the position. Donald Trump has set a new standard for the office of president.

  12. Remember the saying, never talk about politics and religion.
    Why do Americans let the government become a tv show?
    They are forcing us to BE political. Division.
    Never in our history have we had to be political to the point we cant wear a MAGA hat.
    And religion?
    What is climate change?
    Forcing us to face an established fact without any facts. Just trust us. 12 years and we are all dead. Seriously? And these people take our pay checks and make law?
    It's not a human in the womb. That's opinion not fact. It's a human, making another human! But they force their morals on us. It's a religion to them.
    In the face of the God we worship. Their god is ok, our God is not.
    Wake up America.

  13. You guys will never get it.

    We want Joe Biden, not Hunter.

    During the Obama administration aid money was given to Ukraine energy companies so they wouldn't have to depend on Russia.

    Burisma was the biggest benefactor of that money.

    Hunter was put on the board to funnel money from the aid back to the Biden family.

    This is not a new thing.

    It has gone on for decades.

    If we look into the QPQ of Joe and why he held the money for a prosecutor being fired you have 2 points.

    1. That was a QPQ so is QPQ abusing power?

    2. Your going to find out why he did it, funneling aid money threw Hunter back to himself.

    Then you call Hunter.

    It's a slam dunk case.

    Which probably will incriminate both sides.

    You think Joe is going to go down alone?

    They all know this.

    The republicans wont expose this.

    The American people will find out that funneling taxpayer aid to countries all around the world has gone on for decades and we will know how these politicians get so rich while in office.

    And this is just one way they do it.

    Wake up America.


  15. dems and liberals and globalists are no different from fanatics who blow themselves up for to go to heaven- they are a desease and act like it.. the healthy core has to act like anti bodies before this world turns into an apocalyptic reality.. the symptoms of this mad system desease are more than obvious…there is no dems.. there is only desease left

  16. ??? Lev Parnas is Rudy Gilianas friend and associate… the 1m was paiement to republicans … hanity what are you doing? This man is a trump friend seen on many many photo's with all your children on Photo's video he is with Trump on Mar a Lago … this you don't show !! Letters of Giliana more documents of Nunez and other republicans ….. WHY WHY never do news as it is ! Trump 3 years scandals and 3 year white house run as a Maffia family !!!!

  17. Hannity how come you don't report real news. Like McConnell and Republicans in Senate to Lowe drug prescriptions. This piece legislation been on McConnell desk for 2 months. Fake news don't want to report that. Mmmm. McConnell and Republicans are corrupt

  18. I'm so sick of this left right paradigm game that the media pushes. When will we take what george Washington said seriously, that the two party system will be the downfall of our country?

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