Cuomo: Lev Parnas' ties to Trump run deep

CNN’s Chris Cuomo breaks down President Trump and his defenders’ denial of knowing Lev Parnas, the indicted associate of Rudy Giuliani who stands at the center of the impeachment inquiry. #CNN #News


43 thoughts on “Cuomo: Lev Parnas' ties to Trump run deep

  1. Fredo…calm down. You're on the same sinking ship as the rest. Your corrupt brother and you will feel yet again another landslide election from the people that actually run this country. I'm talking about us the hard working blue collar people y'all forget about.

  2. I want them to call him to cross examine, but idk about his credibility I hope he's credible and more comes out but idk man something about this dude making my spidey senses go off

  3. The only thing that's running deep is the penis of the Chinese government down the Democrats throats along with the Union government !
    Say no to deepthroat for the Jihadi vote !

  4. Beto, the Communist News Network hatred of President Trump and the Republicans it's so deep that they are parading a lying sack of shit and kissing the ass of a convicted felon that faces decades behind bars.

  5. Why is it that the news wasn't "fake" until Captain Stupid took office? He (Trump) lies on national TV, but when he's caught! It's, "fake news"!
    And what's this shit about the Constitution not applying to Captain Stupid and the gang? You Trumptards need to be on oxygen for a few years to clear your heads! This can't be allowed to continue!!!

  6. I don't think you idiots on the left understand, oh well too stupid to understand anything anyway, but the truth is we don't care, not that we don't care because Trump is our cousin our friend or our family , we don't care because he is the best we could have in the office, after hes done with his second term ,bark as much as you want, do what ever you want, but remember, Trump has already won the 2020.

  7. Let's make this Perfectly Clear: This Parnas Character is an Exposed LIAR who CANNOT be trusted with any kind of information. Shame on CNN once again for bringing on LIARS and STOOGES to its "news" telecasts. We the GOOD People of America are Intelligent enough to know that this is another STAGED political news Smear Job against our President by the Highly Biased and Totally Dishonest Liberal Mainstream Media.

    MAGA! KAG!

  8. Every man knows when its time to fess up and take responsibility for misdeeds. You dont whine about it or blame others. Most adolescents I know are 100 times more honorable than donald trump, who whines like a child and never takes responsibility. He is a coward.

  9. CHRISTIANE AMANPOUR: Lev Parnas, a crony of Rudy Guiliani — who is the president’s personal lawyer — has now spoken out, as you know, and he has said several things. Mostly, [he’s said] that he did carry a very explicit message from the president via Rudy Guiliani that there would need to be a quid pro quo if Ukraine was going to continue to get any kind of assistance. And furthermore, he has now said, that he’s spoken to key officials within President Zelensky’s circle. Since you are one of those — and you were when this happened — did you get that message from Lev Parnas?

    VADYM PRYSTAIKO: It’s all in Ukrainian media as well — today and yesterday — and strangely enough, my name was not mentioned, even though I’m the minister of foreign affairs. Frankly, I have not spoken with this individual, and again, frankly, I don’t trust any word he is now saying. The assistance that he’s referring to was reviewed each and every year, annually at least twice, and half of the year and end of the year. so we knew this was going to be reviewed. Some times it would be cut because of some political understanding of what is to be done in Ukraine.

  10. To all the people or what ever you are. You know you are supporting a sexual predator your president. So really to me everything else is just not a big of a deal. And all your talking points to protect this guy shows something about trump supporters. His words out of his mouth I grab them by the pussy. Let me repeat again I grab them by the pussy. So you support a sexual predator I guess.

  11. If Lev Parnas was a big criminal according to Trump or even Conway, why did the secret service allow him to get so close to the president, have access to him at the whitehouse, at Trump's properties. Apparently anybody who has any association with Giuliani or Trump has some sort of criminal history or has been convicted of some sort of criminal behaviour…. Hopefully your next Mr Trump.

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