45 thoughts on “US Senate begins Donald Trump impeachment trial – watch live

  1. Get Joe Binden and Hunter Biden into the witness stands. Its so obvious where corruption is with the Democrats! Hunter Biden has a bad history and how can that kid earn millions from Ukraine ? Isnt this what needs to be investigated ?

  2. WoW … It's interesting how Biden + Biden Jr got out there envolvement so fast / investigation, almost like Ukraine , Biden etc baited Trump. … But !!!!!! We hav'nt even estasblished if there's a "Whistle Blower" yet !!!!!! … What if after everything they say "We've established there's NO Whistle Blower". There's Nobody. It was a figment of someones imagination !!!!!! HAHE … What a Circus 🙂

  3. Anyone with sense, or has ever been in a courtroom where someone was giving false testimony can tell in Schiff's voice he is not being truthful. I have myself been a victim of false accusations in a court of law and the person accusing me had this same demeanor. – i digress

  4. The world is watching the Trump impeachment and judging American politicians.  The GOP is refusing witnesses and adopting Trump’s rhetoric, nastiness and unprofessionalism.   We know about the public declarations of
    Trump and the GOP Ukraine corruption, but what else have they done that we
    haven’t discovered yet?? Why would the GOP want to defend Trump's corruption and not honor their impeachment trial oath unless there’s more GOP corruption that McConnell, Barr, Pompeo and Nunes want to hide?     The
    FBI and CIA need to look at McConnell, Barr Pompeo and Nunes for treason against the United States of America.

  5. Take comfort in this – When Trump dies in the not so distant future he will suffer beautifully for his sins. His death will be prolonged and complicated and he will beg for death but it will not come fast and clean for him.

    It will be beautiful.

  6. If the evil orange imbecile criminal wasn't so arrogant and truly believes he's above the law then maybe he wouldn't of always got caught committing all his crimes from day one.

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