Trump impeachment: Democratic senators comment after swearing-in ahead of trial

U.S. Senate Democratic Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and other Democratic senators commented following the swearing-in of senators and Chief Justice John Roberts in the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump.

Schumer spoke about the need for witnesses to be called and documents released during the trial and that a recent interview by Lev Parnas underscores the need for both.

He also said when Chief Justice John Roberts entered the Senate chamber for the swearing-in, the “gravity” of the situation was felt and he saw colleagues on both sides of the aisle “gulp”.

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50 thoughts on “Trump impeachment: Democratic senators comment after swearing-in ahead of trial

  1. DEMOCRATES protecting rapist and murders that come through the borders not fixing immagration laws and attacking our rights constitutional rights to defend our families .

  2. remember when presidents werent impeached and they actually talked to the press in a reasonable manner. They didnt cheat on their wives and taxes and rarely called other politicians names….ahhh, those were the days.

  3. This Impeachment trial MUST be conducted honestly, and totally above board. Witnesses, evidence and documents supporting these serious charges MUST be presented clearly and openly, as necessitated by law.

    If not, We the People, will demand the IMPEACHMENT and Trial of the US Senate for Obstruction and Subverting of Justice, under the US laws of Our Constition. Clearly this is a pivotal turning point in our Democracy.

    Whether the elected members of the US Senate chose to abide by the law is their choice. Prosecuting them for criminal subversion will be ours.

  4. um REPUBLICANS….YOUR President. How does that sound? Wake up to the separation. the deliberate separation of the American people by this administration. To create a false "us and them". The democratic party and liberal media have responded in turn. However, they are just as guilty in promoting "us and them" especially in pathetic corporate whoring media such as MSNBC, NBC, CBS and CNN. But, to blame any particular party is to blame both. There are individuals at play here. When you blame a party, you blame the American public. That is ignorance. There is so much wrong with so many occurrences in America. Regardless of who is committing crimes in the case of this impeachment, Trump should support witnesses and allow himself and the administration to be cleared and put this crap to rest.

  5. "Truth" and "Fairness" and "witnesses" in the Senate – after none of the above was afforded President Trump in the House including – no legal representation! These guys are SOOO HONORABLE – aren't they?!!!

  6. Charges are seriously made up. I thought it was Russia? Now it's Ukraine? POTUS asked to investigate Hunter Biden who received bribe!! Ukraine isn't voting this upcoming election, the people are and once I get naturalized, I will vote Trump 2020. This is ridiculous!!

  7. Bad cover ups do have proof and evidence if you guys just do your job! Like why was the son of VP Biden received monies when he lacks experience? Why did VP Biden fire that prosecutor in Ukraine? Clearly because he was onto Hunter Biden and fake dossiers etc! People know the truth!!!

  8. Imagine what Putin, Kim, and other leaders are thinking right now. You have a guy making the USA great again and these people spending day and night to destroy him, but they are just the puppets being used by those behind closed doors. America will never be the same, treason and a coup is in the works, history in the making.

  9. Schumer used the word “coerce” Hahahaha where is the coercion when The Ukrainian President and trump said there is no pressure lol.. what a lie .. you democrats are stupid.. trump don’t need help from Ukraine to win an election.. he is already a president and his record is astonishing .. the radical democrats are pathetic lol.. and those who believe this clown are idiots

  10. Totally partialized people. Dems are against the President and Roberts is partialized with the Bush family who hate our President. There is no Justice in America.

  11. These bunch of Demonrat's devil's can spew their evil all they want. Y'all wasting y'all evil times & May God's Wrath come down & send y'all to hell for coming against His Man of God & President.

  12. The citizens should have to vote. There’s serious mental issues going on with these ppl. Why should they decide to do away with our president. Screw them. Let the people decide based on accurate information and stop advertising

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