Trump impeachment: Chief Justice John Roberts, senators sworn in ahead of trial

The U.S. Senate reconvened at 2 p.m. for the swearing in of Chief Justice John Roberts and all senators ahead of the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump.

Earlier in the day, the impeachment managers formally presented the charges against Trump to the Senate.

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20 thoughts on “Trump impeachment: Chief Justice John Roberts, senators sworn in ahead of trial

  1. Let's hope for the best for our country to come
    And this nightmare stay in the past.
    A good lesson learned for the people who thought that trump was honest person.
    He never had and never will he destroyed the Republicans party and they deserve it!!!

  2. This Senate Impeachment trial MUST be conducted honestly, and totally above board. Witnesses, evidence and documents supporting these serious charges MUST be presented clearly and openly, as necessitated by law.

    If not, We the People, will demand the IMPEACHMENT and Trial of the US Senate for Obstruction and Subverting of Justice, under the US laws of Our Constition. Clearly this is a pivotal turning point in our Democracy.

    Whether the elected members of the US Senate chose to abide by the law is their choice. Prosecuting them for criminal subversion, will be ours.

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