49 thoughts on “Senators take oath at Trump's impeachment trial

  1. Now that have taken the oath Chuck Schumer should make a motion to have McConnell, Graham and any other who has openly admitted they will not be impartial excluded from any decision making in this trial. They are admitting that the oath means nothing to them. They <

  2. Did anyone notice how the Democrats made the black woman do all the work when they made her carry all the paper work for the impeachment walk? I’m surprised they didn’t make her walk at the back of the line.
    Fuckin racist assholes.

  3. Thousands of camels in Australia have been shot dead these days. I just wonder, why didn't CNN report it? Or they'd prefer to report negative news when it comes to China, or Russia?

  4. Finally trump will be proven innocent and we can move on to reelecting him for 2020 and make more liberals cry i cant wait to see polosi replaced by a Republican best times in history

  5. After Trump wins 2020 election, because of all this smearing by dems. i hope people will snap out of this inclusive diversity, virtue signaling Bullshit. They are trying to push it on people, then you get Trump.

    People know whats up.

  6. PELOSI . The PRESIDENT is draining your swamp .It just happens that Hunter Biden was taking big American dollars out of Ukraine for nothing , no ,not nothing , you see daddy Joe Biden arranged it . That is called KICK BACKS and it is illegal . Sorry Joe Biden CNN , you have been a major player in broadcasting fake halfwit news for the entire Presidency CNN has cried wolf for thee years and one month and no-one has respect for CNN anymore . Pity , who ever is running that network is pretty much discredited . Now the Democrats themselves look like dead fish , at their last gasp.

  7. It's nice of the Senate to join two of the three branches of government (The Judicial and The House) to try to participate in government. It's very unlike them.

  8. And now the Democrats have their excuse for losing in 2020. President Trump’s impeachment “made us” be jurors instead of being on the campaign trail. They just need to find a way to ignore that they are the ones who brought this charade forward after the bitter loss of 2016.

  9. @CD Smith  your country already divided even before trump! remember u even use a black president?! you have to understand that all country need to secure thr border otherwise democrats and thr collaborator will freely trffic drugs guns to any country!! u fucked many countries and u expects to belive you?b

  10. They have zero intention of honouring their oath. Zero. And why? Because most of them were playing dirty with Trump and his henchmen, and they have to cover their backs.

  11. When the House decided to Impeach Trump they also told the World "We have enough evidence to Impeach". The Senate is there to listen to their case. It is not the Senate' fault that the House went way to fast, passed over other supposed evidence that came out later that they did could not deliberate on in the House, so they now ask the Senate to do their dirty work for them. This is the scam the Democrats are trying to pass on America. Then while they feign impartiality, they also exclaim that all they need are four Republican Senators to switch sides to impeach the POTUS. Impartiality for Democrats is only required on the part of the Republicans while these fake media propped up Democratic traitors remain totally partisan. Bullshit. This thing will die in the Senate very fast.

  12. I am reading comments on all the msm channels and im blown away to find zero comments from people with Trump derangement syndrome!?!
    The MSM was the cause and cure😂😂😂
    The irony😂😂
    The people have
    2020 vision!
    We are awake and thoroughly enjoying the show
    Fantastic stuff!!
    Trump 2020

  13. I am glad he is impeached so that his historical record would have that stain on it since he deserved it. However I am glad he won't be removed from office. It's too close to the election. Let the ultimate jurors be the electorate of the country come November.

  14. It's poignant this video ends with Lindsey Graham signing the oath. Let that play every day on his media devices on an endless loop while the trial runs.

  15. Trumpie trolls out in force repeating all the trump myths and lies. This must be costing trump a pretty penny to pay so many. Makes sense now why he stole from charity to fund his election campaign. Despicable behaviour f5om a career criminal. His enables and trolls cannot remain blameless either

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