Chief Justice John Roberts Swears In For Trump Impeachment Trial | MSNBC

Chief Justice John Roberts swears in for the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump, saying he will “solemnly swear” to “do impartial justice according to the Constitution and laws.” Aired on 1/16/20.
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Chief Justice John Roberts Swears In For Trump Impeachment Trial | MSNBC


32 thoughts on “Chief Justice John Roberts Swears In For Trump Impeachment Trial | MSNBC

  1. The American democracy is the biggest joke on the planet.
    USA claims to have a stable democracy and yet they have a democracy where the Executive Branch can get away with crimes just because they have one chamber of the Legislative Branch that is partisan and criminal as well.
    How will USA ever again be able to convince any other country in the world to aspire to the American style of democracy?
    USA's democracy is deeply flawed. First, the election system allows rich donor contributions from major corporations, which is the same as an open door to corruption. Next, the American democracy does not have any means to avoid partisanship even in the face of overwhelming evidence. Finally, the American democracy is a joke when The Executive Branch can deny access to the other co-equal branches of recordings, documents and witnesses.
    The democracy in USA makes USA a 3rd world banana republic.

  2. Grumpy Humpty has been creamed and impeached

    All of his insidious dreams won't ever be reached

    All of his maneuvers will be hung on the wall

    Tripping on a banana peel outraged and appalled

    All the queen's horses with their women and men

    Wouldn't remorse as he cries for some amends

    The head of the Senate is speaking quite partial

    Without meaning and rhyme like a wicked Marshall

    Subtly functional however completely unhinged

    Drinking Kentucky whiskey and out on a binge

    Blurting out phrases of coup, spies and treason

    Contradictory statements of lies without reason

    Screaming for facts lacking knowledge and fitness

    Hiding the truth and forbidding a valid witness

    Their baseless nonsense in no logical rhetoric

    Lacking in its essence and completely allegoric

    Confusing the issue and pervasively pedantic

    Raging irrationally with their outrageous antics

    Interrupting due process by refusing his presence

    disrespecting the deceased with utter irreverence

    Blaspheming decency with innuendos of lewdness

    Disqualifying humor with his blatant crudeness

    We sit and observe each moment of atrocity

    Astounded at his crass and brassy hypocrisy

    Teaching his children to upset and collude

    with an inflexibility and narcissistic attitude

    Staying illusory with their noses so aloof

    Hiding in the attic underneath a hole in the roof

    Detaching realism from each important issue

    Watching the gangrene grow beneath their tissue

    Each morning becomes an event so very deploring

    As Humpty dreams a nightmare while loudly snoring

    Purchasing secretly his fake platinblonde toupé

    Caught red-handed needling his Russian crochet

    Spoon feeding us Vladimir's Kremlin Propaganda

    While stealing the good and evil list from our dear Santa

    Let's not forget his obvious forms of contortion

    "Do me a favor, though" sounds much like extortion

    Being scolded in class for he's blown it with a bungle

    Firing advisors like he always did in his asphalt jungle

    Feeling sorry for himself so detached with no regret

    Here comes the hammer called the Lincoln Project

    Grumpily he tested fate with his disrupted karma

    by misusing his power forcing Mexican children's trauma

    No angels will be waiting for you at the Pearly Gates

    Humpty has been incessantly heartless and irate

    With your greedy servants you sit before damnation

    Behaving like a gangster sitting in condemnation

    Attempting constantly to continue your false obstruction

    Waving the wand of freedom for the usage of corruption

    Billy sits with his whims twisting in his seat with ants in his pants

    while Mike is gaining weight devoid of any responsible chance.

    Rootie Kazootie lost his popularity while performing in the circus

    and will never be fired because his game is jarring and raucous

    So we all wait in patience for a possibly rigorous and fair trial

    Hoping for an angelic voice to come from a Rootie butt-dial

    In spite of the fact Humpty is perhaps a hefty co-conspirator

    We brace ourselves for the turbulent winds of the next theater.

  3. Executive branch = clown car of incompetence
    Legislative branch = where action goes to die
    Judicial branch = ???
    Time to step up and save our country.

  4. I’m hoping that the preamble that the Chief Justice read out is a sign that he intends to run a truly impartial trial, and not the Potemkin trial Moscow Mitch had in mind.

  5. CNN settles for millions in Sandmann lawsuit for calling him a racist. First ever historic China trade deal signed. Where was and is this coverage MSNBC? Oh, so so sorry its IMPEACHMENT TIME forgot. There is no hiding or denial… WE SEE YOU!!!

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