32 thoughts on “My man with the best 10 year challenge I seen so far

  1. Hell yes!

    I always wanted to be a pilot but my vision is bad enough I can’t even get a General Aviation license…so excuse me while I live vicariously through this guy for a minute.

    (Definitely an Airbus he’s flying there. Looks like one of the A300/A320 line maybe?)

  2. People really accomplishing their goals and shit out here and I’m posted up in my home bringing in the new decade with my dog and a glass of wine LMAOOOOlordiveseenwhatyouvedoneforothersOOOOOOO

  3. This shits mad uplifting and congratulations to him, but it looks like he pulled up a whole ass plane and parked it in front of the corner store.

  4. Doesn’t look like he’s very skilled. I mean he’s not even paying attention and he’s about to fly right into the metro train.

  5. For anyone wondering he is probably in a cadet program that prepares you to fly major commercial aircrafts(2 stripes on his epaulets and that’s a full motion simulator). See you in the sky’s soon buddy!

  6. Im amazed he accomplished his goals like this, but ngl I’d be super nervous having a pilot that looks like a sophomore that just got facial hair. Im sure he’s a great pilot but good God he looks so young I’d be terrified having him as my pilot

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